Why is there tea ceremony during wedding? 为什么会有敬茶仪式?

Why is there tea ceremony during wedding? 为什么会有敬茶仪式?(4mins Wedding Planner Tips For your Dream Wedding!)




Tea ceremony is to show appreciation towards one’s parents and elders for the love and care given to him/her during his/her upbringing.

At the same time, they will also provide their well wishes for the couple.



以前称呼为“UNCLE” “爸爸”
以前称呼为“AUNTIE” “妈妈”



Things to prepare for the ceremony敬茶仪式需要准备什么?


•茶具 Tea Set



A tea set will usually be sold in a full set at Traditional Chinese wedding shop which consist of a teapot and 2~4 tea cups.

I personally recommend you to prepare 4 teacups or more if it is a big family. As the ceremony is just a short period of time (30mins to 1hr), it may be difficult to use the teacups repeatedly, hence it will be better to prepare more in advance for easy operations.

•茶 Tea

Traditional Chinese tea such as Pu’er, Tie Guan Yin and Xiang Pian can be used for the ceremony. It will be better to prepare a big jug of tea beforehand and only pour it into the smaller teapot during the ceremony so that there’s enough tea for the ceremony to proceed smoothly. You will also not need to brew the tea within the small teapot.

•莲子与红枣 Lotus seed & Red date

A pair of lotus seed and a pair of red date has to be placed inside each cup, which symbolized fortune and blessed birth.

The lotus seed must be a whole seed, DO NOT cut open as cutting open symbolise splitting apart. It should also come with the skin as the peeled lotus seed will be white in color and thus it is not auspicious for your joyous wedding occasion.

Ceremony procedure敬茶顺序

The groom will offer the tea before the bride and they will offer to the father then to the mother. If the grandparents are around in the household, couples can choose to offer tea to them first.

However, it is also ok to offer to the parents first then the grandparents.

After offering to both grandparents and parents, couples can then move on to the other elders in the family. The sequence is usually male dominated. For example, at the groom’s place, they will first offer tea to the father’s family before the mother’s family.

When offering to the father’s family, it also goes by the sequence of male domination.

Point to take note注意事项

When offering tea, it is a must to use both hands to offer and to receive. As it is very rude to offer or receive the tea with one hand.

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