6 Matters You Should Share With Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photography team is basically your best friend on your big day. They play the crucial role from the beginning of the event capturing every important moment. They are the ones to make those amazing memories of you as a newlywed and of your friends and family celebrating the two of you, and make it into an everlasting form of photography. 

Although it is their duty to artistically compose the shots and process the images of the wedding ceremony, you could do these things to help make their tasks easier for them to ensure they could display the best final artwork.

Dress Code

Do inform the wedding photography team you hire if your ceremony has a dress code. Tell them what to wear. This is to avoid your photographer to stand out amongst the crowd. Their huge cameras are attracting enough attention, you wouldn’t want their flip-flops and beach shirts to stand out in the middle of a black-tie affair. The highlight should be on you!

What Have Been Planned

If you have an itinerary of the ceremony (which you should!), give a copy to them. Of all the people involved in your ceremony, your wedding photography team should have a copy of it beforehand. The best way for them to capture all of the amazing moments during your wedding is to know what will happen, at what time, and where it is taking place. So if you have planned a surprise dance for your guest, it’s best not to surprise you photographer too. Get them in the plan to ensure that they could plan the best angle to capture the moment from.

Face Sheet

This is almost never provided to most wedding photography teams. You should provide the faces and names of key attendees. Why? That way, your photographer would know the important or VIP guests and make sure that they get photographed most. Apart from the bride and groom, of course.

Big Group Shots

If you have a big family or you know there is a possibility of your friends who would want to take big group shots, it is essential to inform this to your wedding photographer in advance. Big group photos will take longer to organize just to make sure everyone gets into the shot. Also they should be notified too if there are any awkward family circumstances so that they could position the subjects accordingly.

Wedding Details You’ve Had DIY-ed

Because you’ve put so much effort in all of the little details of your wedding, let the wedding photography team know about it. Ideally let them know where to find it too. This could mean anything from seating cards to your bouquet. You’ve worked hard on it, no harm in bragging about it!

Other Location

If you have some other location in mind that are not near your wedding ceremony; for example on a bridge, underneath a gorgeous tree, walking down a grand staircase; you should consult your wedding photography team beforehand. This will allow them to allocate enough time for these shots and prepare any extra apparatus, especially if the location does not have sufficient lighting.


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