Wedding Planning Tips on Timeline for Venue Sourcing, Pre Wedding Photoshoot & Wedding Gown (Interview Tuesday)

Wedding Planning Tips on Timeline for Venue Sourcing, Pre Wedding Photoshoot & Wedding Gown (Interview Tuesday Video)


Dream Wedding Planner Interview Tuesday is pleased to share with you Wedding Planning Tips on Timeline for Venue Sourcing, Pre Wedding Photoshoot & Choosing your Wedding Gown.

1) When should I start sourcing for Wedding Venue in Singapore?


Answer) 6- 12 months in advance will be ideal as Singapore Wedding venue is limited by the number of ballroom in each hotel.

Furthermore, it is our culture to hold wedding celebrations on a weekend thus your ideal location may be blocked off if you did not booked early.

Visit this link for Singapore Wedding Venue Menu & Pricelist:

We hope it will help you in your timeline for venue sourcing!


2) When should I go for my Pre Wedding Photoshoot?


Answer) You should have your Pre Wedding Phtooshoot 6 months before your wedding as to give ample time to your Bridal shop or photography company on all the post production process.

Example on editing of wedding photos, album production, canvas printing and delivery.

This time frame will also give you more time to prepare for contingency if there are any changes to the original plan.

3) When should I try on my Wedding Gown? (Or go to select your wedding gown)


Answer) Visit your Bridal or gown rental vendor 3 -6 months before your Actual Day (AD) Wedding.

Trying beyond this period, means you will be getting the older trend wedding gown by the time it reaches your Wedding Day. So by going to your wedding bridal boutique in this period(3 – 6 months), you will be able to try on the latest fashion and trend of the wedding gown.


4) What should I consider for Overseas Pre Wedding Photoshoot?


Answer) If you are going Overseas for your Pre Wedding Photoshoot, you must always keep the seasons in mind.

As different country have different seasons at different time of the year. I.e. Paris Winter is in January while Australia is Summer seasons at the same period.

It is important to consider this simple but often overlooked details as the brides will be wearing sleeveless wedding gown and she will suffer due to the weather.

Thank you for watching the video! Send us your wedding planning questions and we will love to answer your questions in our next interview Tuesday! Cheers!

Shared with you by:
Ms Ivy Chin,
Executive Wedding Planner,
Chief Lecturer in
COO of Dream Wedding Group


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