Wedding Photography Tips for 2019

Wedding photography is one of the most important parts of your big day. Photography captures unforgettable moments, turning them from fleeting to immortal. Wedding photography has been around longer than pre-wedding photos and videography. It's a legacy and a craft that many photographers take great care and pride in. That's why a lot of photographers give valuable directing and photography tips to engaged couples so that they would only have the best takes on their wedding day.

Wedding Photography Tips for Brides and Grooms this 2019

Here are some valuable wedding photography tips to consider for you and your future spouse as you prepare on your lifetime journey together.

Pre-wedding photography

One of the most important pre-wedding photography tips that we can give you is to work with a team that's legit and prepared. If you're planning to go abroad, the company you are hiring has to take care of all the paperwork, flight, accommodations, and food of the crew. They should also be able to take care of what you'll be wearing.

Preps: Wedding Photography Rules in Churches, Mosques, or Temples

Ask the church, temple, or mosque that you want to have your wedding in if they allow photography. You can also ask them if they have their own list of accredited photographers.

Preps: Wedding Schedule for Garden Weddings

Garden wedding are very popular not just in Singapore but all over the world. If you want the beauty of your garden wedding to reflect in your photos, as well as your videos, we suggest scheduling it in the mid-afternoon.

Actual Day Wedding Photography

For preparations on wedding day

You need to decide between the two types of preparations that you're going to have. The first one is the quiet one, with only you. This option allows the bride and the groom to relax alone separately, allowing them to contemplate on their last hours as single individuals before they become one. The second type is more popular, where brides and grooms prepare alongside their friends and family. Having family and friends around ease the jitters they are both feeling by bonding and having fun with the people they love.

Choose depending on what kind of mood and energy you want to exude in your photographs. Advise your hair and makeup team to be there at least thirty minutes before so they can set up prior to the shoot.

Group Photos

Taking photos with family and friends is a staple in wedding photography. Prior to your wedding day, you need to organize the groupings for each photo to make the process easy and efficient.

Group photos have a tendency to look the same. Hence it would be nice to get photography tips that will make your group photos stand out from the crowd.


Have a lot of lighting around, whether you're in a ballroom, a tent, or outdoor under the stars.

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