Wedding Attire Guide for Men

When we talk about wedding attires, there are usually more for the brides and less on the grooms. However, it is equally as important for the grooms and the groomsmen to look their best on the wedding day together with the brides and bridesmaids.

For today we are talking about the general outfits for men that attend the wedding as guest. There are many options available for different styles of wedding that men can explore. It is important that you understand the theme of the wedding and not go over the top on what you wear for the wedding.

Black Tie Formal Weddings

Black Tie weddings are a common themed styled wedding today. Tuxedo's portray the best in class and sophistication and there is the best suitable attire for any formal themed wedding. Even though it is less strict in todays wedding styles, Tuxedo's are still a classic style.

The jacket of the is fairly versatile as there are many options available to play around with usually. As for materials, it is usually a medium weight high quality wool with a satin finish.

Cocktail Wedding Style

This style of wedding is usually less formal compared to the more formal black tie weddings. It is not as flashy but still presentable in a way that a suit is still required. It is a suit that is usually a middle ground to cover both casual and formal aspect. So this may be considered a semi formal dress code and will still look good in any wedding photography situations.

The aim for this dress code is usually to make sure that you look smart enough for the workplace. This means that you do not need to change after work if you there is a wedding planned after.

The look for this is usually a darker colored suit in a blue or navy shade. It is fitted together with a solid shirt that is usually white.

Casual Wedding

Casual for a wedding does not mean extremely comfortable. This just means that a suit is still required, however you can still be creative with the combination of colors and materials for the suit. Of course when it is casual, no black suit is required. When it comes time for the wedding photography session, in the group the colors will usually be more vibrant instead of symetrical.

The overall look for this wedding should be able to suit any situations but mostly in a casual setting. Suits can be any color aside from black and the shirt can be both solid and patterned colors. As for the shoes as long as it fits the color of the suit it is fine. However usually it will be brown in color.

White Tie

Now on to the more serious occasion. White Tie events/weddings are more of a serious high scale type deals. When you are invited to a white tie wedding, you are kind of a big deal.

This type of dress code may be considered the most formal of all dress codes. The blazers will have tails and is usually black with a white shirt.

No Dress Code

As suit materials and colors vary, you can be creative in this situation. No dress code does not mean shorts and t-shirts. As a guest, you also don't want to draw attention to yourself by overdressing as it can look very awkward during the wedding photography sessions.

Go for a look that is neutral with a little pop of color. Navy and grey colors are a safer choice. As a simple guide to this article you can aim somewhere in between a casual and a cocktail dress style.

Weddings can be intimidating at times, as you may not know what to expect when dressing for it. At the end of the day, follow the theme and style of the wedding and also dress what you are comfortable with and be yourself. That way you will be comfortable and are able to enjoy the occasion with the other guest attending the wedding.

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