Valentine Day Oversea Photoshoot Promotion Package (Limited Time Only)


Planning a Overseas Wedding Photoshoot can be exhilarating and thrilling, but whoever tells you it is easy, probably isn't telling the truth.

As one of Singapore's largest and most established overseas wedding photoshoot, our professionals at Dream Wedding, help couples save time, money and considerable stress, by consulting and helping to plan a cost effective and wonderful photoshoot experience, so couples could focus on enjoying and immersing themselves into the fun and love for that very special day without the hassle, headaches and stress of overseas planning.

One of the largest issue of overseas photoshoot is trying to keep up with social views and personal expectations, yet many couples are inexperienced and unsure how to do so. From….budgeting, venue, logistic arrangement, transport arrangements, suit and bridal gown, photography style, flow of photoshoot … managing expectations of both brides' and grooms' ideas to their Dream Wedding….

Overseas Wedding Photoshoot can be an extremely stressful task for couples, especially without someone who are experienced to advise you.

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