Types of Pictures during a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Pre-wedding photoshoots are a very common session for many new married couples. This can be considered an activity that will be memorable for when you want to keep and view again in the future. These pre-wedding photography are usually taken 3-6 months before the actual wedding date. Though it has becoming a normal occasion for most couples to have. Some couples also still consider if they really need a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Pre-wedding photoshoots are also known as engagement shoots. Engagement photoshoots can help in many different ways. For example, it can be a romantic and fun session for the couple where they are able to embrace each other. It is also a great session for the couple to understand their photographer if they are using the same one for their wedding day. That said, there are many different styles for the couples to choose for their pre-wedding photography.


Here in Singapore, we are a country with many different races. This means that there are different types of traditional wedding photos with different attires to be taken. Traditional style is basically a concept where the couples delve into  their cultural roots and are able to display it with their photos. The location will also play a big part for this kind of photos. Different cultural pre-wedding photography will also show their different traditional colours which can be very exciting and vibrant at the same time.


As the name suggest, glamour is all about the attire and location. Couples who choose to have this type of photoshoots will be able to show off classy attire paired together with a grand location. When a couple chooses this kind of style, they mainly prefer to enjoy the sophistication and elegance of the moment.

The attire options for this are mainly semi-formal to formal and the colour options can be limitless as long as it is tasteful and pair well with the location. This style of pre-wedding photography can also give a great memory in terms of location, for example it can be a location where the couple had a history before. It can also showcase a popular landmark.


This is the total opposite of the previous style where this is more on the casual side. For couples that actually chose this, they want to tone it down and have a more modest approach. Attires for this is mostly casual and semi casual. It is recommended to at least be jeans and no shorts. Photoshoots of these sessions are more directed towards the activity of the session instead of the location. For example, an image can be taken while gazing at the stars.

When choosing the theme of this photoshoot and depending on the season you can have more choices for colours. This way the wedding photographer will have a better time in taking more creative shots.

Out of these 3 options, most people will definitely go for the glamorous style. Of course, if you have more time you can even have all 3 different styles at the same time. Just make sure to bring different attires to change. There are also other styles of pre-wedding photoshoots, but here in Singapore these are the more common ones where people will choose. These styles are also more straight forward without needing much thought to it.

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