Things you do not know about Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is one important day among lovers.

Many people know that Valentine's Day is on February 14th. But there are a total of 12 Valentine's Day which happens in every month.


January 14th: Diary Day Valentine's Day.

On this day, lover will present their diaries to each other.


February 14th: St Valentine's Day.

The Traditional Valentine's Day, which lovers will prepare gifts,  flower, chocolates, love card & etc for their partner.

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March 14th: White Valentine's Day.

The day that the boys will return gift to the girls which they receive on Feb 14th. While for another way, the girls will return gift to the boys that they received one month ago.

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April 14th: Black Valentine's Day.

Its the celebration of bachelordom of Nobel People. In Korea, if they never received any gifts on the previous 2 months (Feb & March), they will go to the restaurant and eat black noodle to celebrate their single life.


May 14th: Yellow and Rose Valentine's Day.

During this day, by wearing yellow colour, it will means that you are telling people that you are still Single.

When you give someone a red rose, it will symbolise that you love her/him. If it is white rose, it means you are still considering. While if it is yellow rose, that means a rejection to the other parties.


June 14th: Kiss Valentine's Day.

Lover kiss each other to tell their lover how much they love the other half.

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July 14th: Silver Valentine's Day

Its a day that you will bring your partner home and introduce you to your parents and elderly.


August 14th: Green Valentine's Day.

Spend your day in a cool green forest with your love one. Have a picnic or maybe a hike together.

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September 14th: Music & Photo Valentine's Day.

A day to hold social event where you share your past photos and love music of your love story together. Many sweethearts will take picture and keep it as a collection for many years to come as a consistent memory.


October 14th: Wine Valentine's Day.

A day when you must slow down your pace and enjoy the great wine with your loved one.


November 14th: Orange and Movie Valentine's Day.

On this day, couple will meet to have a movie and drink Orange together.

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December 14th: Hug Valentine's Day.

The couple in Korea will hug each other for thanking God as they had become someone special to the one they loved. The hugging time is not meant for just couple but also to family and friends.

Usually, some korean celebrities will hold a special hug day for their fans.

The hug is not only the symbol of love and affections but also to warm up each other during winter.


May all your Dreams come true and have a wonderful love story ahead! Cheers!

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