Teri & Shernice Pre Wedding Photoshoot Customer Review

Teri & Shernice Pre Wedding Photoshoot Customer Review

Our lovely couple wrote this review on our Facebook page after their Bali Overseas Pre Wedding Photoshoot experience.

“Before we engaged dream wedding for our photoshoot in bali. my wife and i read bad reviews on dream wedding from some forum but being me i told her lets just have a chat with them and see how it goes since the price is reasonable for a photoshoot in bali. and the moment we sat down with ivy, we hit it right off with her explaining to us the details of the package and etc which were very transparent.

Kudos to her and aunty who helped my wife pick the gowns for the photoshoot, i was in such a mess trying to even choose one for her. but they picked all the perfect gowns to compliment my wife and to actually make me fall in love all over again with my wife. 

As for myself i am a very fussy person when it comes to clothing but ivy and aunty helped me choose my suits patiently cause i was being difficult choosing the colors. (Thank them for their patience) eventually i picked two suits that i really liked alot thanks to them.


Bali photoshoot

It began with my wife and I being on the same flight with the crew to bali, we had a chat in the airport before departure and shared our thoughts on the locations for the shoot again although we had it planned out.
On the day of the photoshoot, the crew were so energetic that you wont belive that they woke up so early or had so little sleep. thy were enthusiastic and helpful throughout. With Ivan, Chiaoling and Zhi En they were one hell of a crew, everything was perfectly executed as accordingly to plan. I never thought I would have so much fun on a photoshoot, was expecting like a typical pose snap and move to the next location but it wasn't. I had so much fun with the crew that it didnt feel like we were having a photoshoot.

I totally appreciate the effort from dream wedding team. Their efforts made our money well spent, like the saying goes “pre wedding photography is an investment” and its a investment well made.

Pardon my bad singlish.”

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