Sweet Dessert for your Sweet Wedding!

Your Dream Wedding must have always start off with something sweet!

Let us help you finding the perfect sweet tooth vendor for your perfect day!

We had just tasted the most delicious cake that was sent over to our bridal by Tart & Co.

All the team member cannot resist in eating it and finish it off within a good 5 min that were meant for 10 pax tea break! Imagine how nice it is!

Let us show you what we had for this tea break dessert:

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Classic moist & fluffy cheesecake layered upon a specialty graham crust & topped with Nutella Spread. Sprinkled with crushed hazelnuts for an extra crunch

(Very delicious for many non cheesecake lover!)


Graham crust tiered with a rich layer of hazelnut praline, crushed hazelnuts, and dark chocolate ganache. Flushed to perfection with a finishing layer of chocolate glaze, crushed hazelnuts, and gold dust.

(The chocolate is tastefully mixed and leave a beautiful lingering taste for us to remember of this sweet dessert for this afternoon)


This French Dessert is so carefully produced that it looked like an egg with magic inside. You will surely want to have a try with it.


Great News (Cost Saving for both you & Me!)

Dream Wedding Couple will be able to enjoy Tart & Co delicious cake at a preferred rate when you inform them this promotion code:


(They will have a special price for you)

We hope you will have a wonderful day ahead enjoying the delicious sweet dessert! Cheers!

Brought to you by:
Dream Wedding Planner (Aka Sweet Dessert Taster)


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