Solemnization Procedure: A Simple Guide to Registry of Marriages (ROM)

Shopping for dresses or gowns is among the most exciting things to look forward in a marriage preparation. But before you invite your bridesmaids to try on their bridesmaid gown or find a ROM dress to purchase, you should know what you and your partner should do and prepare before going to the ROM.

Here’s a simple guide to get you started for a successful solemnization procedure.

1. Decide on Your Solemnization Date and Time

First of all, you need to decide on the date and time of your solemnization. The earliest date of your solemnization is at least 21 days after you file your notice at the ROM.

For example, if you file a notice on 1 June, the earliest date you can marry is on 23 June. There is also a cut-off date, which is 3 months after you file the notice. Assuming the aforementioned date, you can hold off the solemnization until the end of August—after which your filing would be deemed invalid and you need to resubmit everything.

2. Decide on Your Solemnization Venue

Once you have chosen the date and time, start hunting for your solemnization venue. You can choose to hold your solemnization at the ROM or outside. If you plan to do it at an outside venue, you also need to make arrangements with your solemnizer and have them sign the Solemnization Consent form.

3. Find a Solemnizer

With the date, time and venue set, you can start looking for your solemnizer. It will be more convenient if you can invite one near your home for easier coordination about any possible change in plan. You can find a list of licensed solemnizers here.

4. File the Notice of Marriage

After completing step 1–3, you can finally submit the required File Notice of Marriage at the ROM website. Prepare the following before you submit:

  • Bride and Groom’s NRIC No. (for Singapore Citizen & PR) / Passport No. (for Foreigner)
  • The two witnesses’ NRIC No. / Passport No.
  • Date, time, venue of solemnization, and your solemnizer’s name and license number
  • Credit card details for fee payment

5. Revisit ROM for VD, SD and Marriage Documents

At the end of filing, read and print the ‘Summary of Notice of Marriage’. To have a marriage license issued for your solemnization, you will need to go to the ROM on the appointment date given (usually 1–14 working days before solemnization) for the verification of documents, statutory declaration, and collection of marriage documents.

Once you have received your payment receipt and Summary of Notice of Marriage, your filing is considered successful (if you are unsure, you can check in the ROM’s FAQ section) and you can finally buy the gowns or dresses for ROM or the wedding party. We have a wide collection of designer dresses and gowns for the brides and the bridesmaids that will certainly enhance the results of your wedding photography.


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