Plus Size Bride – Self Confidence

Expert Tips by:
Jasmine Kong
Wedding Stylist of Dream Wedding

Today, we will be sharing the importance of self confidence for all our plus size bride or pregnant bride!

During your wedding journey, every bride is likely to experience certain level of body negativity here and there. And when I said every bride, I really mean EVERY bride. Even the fittest woman can experience this state of low esteem, hence, I will say that it is rather normal to have such intrusive thoughts about your body. HOWEVER, it is definitely not a good thing to let such thoughts take over your mind.

When such thoughts appear, instead of focusing on how you look as compared to others or society standards, you should actually build up your self-esteem to be confident as who you are. 

As the mind is more powerful than the body, it will be harder to gain a positive body image as compared to exercising or dieting. Because we get affect by the things we see and hear, building self confidence becomes a journey instead of a goal which you work gradually to become a more confident woman. And I will love to see you shine brightly on your big day!

Replace negative thoughts

You Deserve to be Happy & Beautiful!

It is actually a psychological practice that can help reduce your anxiety, cope with difficult thoughts and memories. Your goal is to replace all your negative thoughts about yourself into positive ones, this will help you achieve a better and clearer view of the various factors that makes you stressed up.

Whenever you have a negative thought in your mind, interrupt it and replace it with a positive thought. For example, “my hips are so big” can be replace as “my hips bring me better curves”. These thoughts can come from constant body shaming from people around you, being jealous of other’s figure or various reasons. But if you are determined to start “plucking” bad thoughts and “planting” good thoughts, they will eventually nourish you from within and make you a happier person!

Stop weighing and measuring

Very often, we face the need to go on a diet when preparing for the wedding, but is it really necessary to use those number as the “requirement” to look beautiful? 

The answer is NO. 

Every bride is beautiful in their own way and it’s the same for plus size brides. Since everyone’s body is uniquely different, the numbers from weighing and measuring actually means almost nothing. There can be 2 woman with the same weight and inches at their waist, but look completely different and also feel different about their own bodies. Hence, it ultimately boils down to how do you see yourself. 

These numbers do not represent who you are, your character or personality, diving too hard into them can bring about great negativity in the long run and it might become an obsession. Therefore, other than using it as a tool for technical purposes, let’s drop these numbers and truly embrace who you are and how you look.

Don’t be affect by what others say

You look fabulous as who you really are!

There will be family members and friends who are trapped in the traditional social judgement, whereby the bride must hit a certain requirement in regards to their body figure in order for them to LOOK pretty on their big day. True enough, every girl out there definitely wants to look the prettiest on their wedding day. 

However, is everything on the surface all that it matters? I would not say so. As I believe what’s more important is from within.

You are happy and enjoy YOUR day. You won’t want to look down and unhappy in your wedding photos with your shoulders slump and your head down. So just be yourself as I believe the ones that truly are there to give you their blessings, wish to see the real you filled up with happiness on your wedding.

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