Paris to Remove Love Locks from Iconic Bridge

Paris Love Locks to be removed from Iconic Bridge

Many couples and lovers will come to Paris to lock their love away on this romantic Pont des Arts before throwing the key into the River Seine beneath, It has become a tourist tradition in recent years.

With an increment in the popularism of this activity, slightly too many couple and love birds came to lock their love away.

It leads to a part of the bride collapse under its own weight last year. Which causes much attention to the love locks safety concern.


Many are disappointed with this decisions as Paris has the nickname of Capital of Love yet it does not allow love to be shown in its way. Tourist are mostly disappointed although some locals are quite glad of this decisions.

There are a group of locals whom started a No Love Lock that aims to remove all the love locks in the city as they feel that this locking of locks since 2008 had damaged its city heritage building. Beside this, there are also pollution to the river as couple will throw their key into the river after they lock up the love locks.


Plans for the Future

City Official had given the notice that locks will be removed from 1st June till 8th June.

Final Verdict, close to a million padlocks – weighing 45 tonnes – are expected to be cut off within this period.

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