Overseas Pre Wedding Photoshoot Schedule

Destination Pre Wedding Photoshoot Specialist Bridal Photoshoot Schedule

Dream Wedding Bridal is pleased to present to you our Overseas Pre Wedding Photoshoot Schedule.

We will be going to various country over this few months and each country currently have minimum of 1 couple signed up. Current popular country of choice is Korea, Santorini, Taiwan, Bali, Netherland, Paris & Vienna.

Dream Wedding Planner Team looks forward to be assisting you towards your Oversea Pre Wedding Photography! We are still open for more country such as Finland, Japan, Egypt, Dubai, Banung or even the Romantic Maldives.

What is the Rate & Package Details?

This will be our Oversea Wedding Photoshoot Package Rate for the different month. *Price as per signed up month. Current rate is $3980 nett.

These are few of our package details that you will need to know

  • Make Up Artist will follow you throughout your photoshoot to change your Make Up Style and Touch Up
  • Our Professional Photographer will take your beautiful Overseas Pre Wedding Photoshoot at the choice of yours for 1 day.
  • Air Ticket is inclusive for MUA & PG to travel to your Destination Choices
  • Accommodation is inclusive for MUA & PG at your Destination Choices
  • Beautiful Gown and suit is included from our wide collections of Wedding Gown in our Bridal.
  • 30 Photos will be return and it will be designed into our beautiful album for you too:)
    • We do have an upgrade package which will consist of all the photos taken in this Overseas Pre Wedding Photoshoot.

More details about our Overseas Pre Wedding Photoshoot Package.

Common FAQ About this package.


Our Europe photoshoot trip is on June 2015, August 2015 and March 2016. We look forward to be helping you with your Dream Wedding Photoshoot and we hope our Overseas Pre Wedding Photoshoot Schedule can provide some help to your planning.


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