Mediacorp Radio Gold 90FM Interview on Wedding Planning Tips

A Wedding Planner Tips that was broadcasted on Mediacorp Gold 90 FM for a whole week.

Ms Ivy Chin, Executive Wedding Planner of Dream Wedding, will be sharing you 5 Essential things to note on planning a wedding in her interview from Mediacorp Gold 90FM Radio.


1.Prepare your Guest List First

Have your guest list ready first, even before you have your wedding date. Most of the venues have min and max capacity requirement. Take note on the min number of table is to avoid paying for unused table, but how about max number of table?

Your guest list might increase in size when it is nearer to your wedding date, what if your venue can’t hold any more seat? You sure don’t wish to cancel any guest on your list due to insufficient seats. So do take note on the capacity that the venue is able to hold.


2. Set a wedding theme.

Do you prefer a cookie-cutter wedding or a memorable wedding that you and your guests will remember forever?

It can be your favourite colours, country or even hobbies as the wedding theme. Your wedding should reflect both of your characters, add in elements and customize it.


3. First impression is important.

Be sure that you start your wedding theme with the right invitation card. The right invitation card not only set the tone of your dream wedding, it also helps your guests to better decide on angbao for you.


4. Change your Wedding Program

There is no hard rule on what programme should be included in a wedding. Have a little twist on the programme or sequence and make yours special. You can play the morning highlight after your 2nd march in so that you can enjoy the video too.


5. Get a Professional Wedding Coordinator.

Do remember that you are the star of the day. Definitely you wish to enjoy this special day, not gaining experience on how to coordinate a wedding.

A team of professional wedding coordinator will help you to handle with any problems before informing you there is a hiccups/emergency occurs.

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