London Pre Wedding Photoshoot

We are setting up based in London for Pre Wedding Photoshoot 2018 – 2019!

London Pre Wedding Photoshoot is definitely one of the most anticipated area where we want to let our couple experience the Magical Land of Harry Potter!

With the recent born of Royal Baby Born Princess'. There are an abundance of celebrations in the whole of UK especially in London. How can we missed all of these and not capture it in our couple lovely wedding photoshoot!

pink London Pre Wedding Photoshoot best time for couple to go with dream wedding boutique singapore bridal pink London Pre Wedding Photoshoot best time for couple to go with dream wedding boutique singapore bridal london bridge copy pink London Pre Wedding Photoshoot best time for couple to go with dream wedding boutique singapore bridal london eye copy

With the celebration, many attractions had turn all of these icon landmark to a romantic pink. Which we are such it is such a unique and special memory. 

London is really special for Pre Wedding Photoshoot

There are a lot of significant landmark in London ranging from the Majestic Big Ben, Iconic Buckingham Palace, Beautiful Tower Bridge, Historical Trafalgar Square and definitely the magical land of Hogwarts (Harry Potter Museum).

We are sure that we will want to capture the love story that best suits your ideal in this beautiful city!

By the way, the street of London is really very nice too!
dream wedding boutique singapore bridal street of london pre wedding photoshoot

Additional Memories that you will want to Remember

Calling all graduates whom graduated from the prestigious university in UK. Naming a few,

University of London, Imperial College London, King's College London, London South Bank University, University of Buckingham, University of the West of England, University of Hertfordshire, University of Nottingham & University of Birmingham among the other elite university situated in United Kingdom and England.

We will want to create this opportunity for many couple to capture the beautiful love stories and wonderful memories that both of you had experience and shared during your time of studies in this kingdom.

P.s. We are most willing to go with you to your university and capture the memories that you both share within your campus!

London is a Significant Place of Important as We Celebrate SG 50 & Beyond!

London is also one of the starting place for our small nations. Going to London for Pre Wedding Photoshoot. It means a lot to us too as we will tour the city and to understand the history of the place more. We feel it will help us find our root while examining our good fortune to the tremendous growth of our nations from a tiny shipping port to a Metropolis. This all started in London.

In the meanwhile, we shall remember the love that many lovers had shared in this place and we can surely be inspired to love and be loved forever and ever till death do us part.


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