Jay Chou Wedding Theme In Taipei is Circus!

Jay Chou Circus Theme cost 4 Million NT and he tell his guest not to give him Ang Pao during the invitation

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Jaychou Dream WEdding in Taiwan

Photos from JayChou/Facebook

Jay Chou after his extravagant wedding in England, he is back in Taiwan for a wedding banquet so that his grandma can attend.

As his 90 Years Old grandma cannot take the long flight to England due to health concern.

The Wedding is Held in W Hotel Taipei on 9 Feb 2015.

We can all expect Jay to have his wedding done in a total different way and it is really out of the Norm! A rough estimation of NT4,000,000 Is spent on his wedding which only have 13 table for a small Wedding reception by the poolside.

A Circus Theme with Carousel and Red & White Colour Theme. He had the whole swimming pool deck covered with Carpet and a large tentage.

This is surely a Dream Wedding came true as they walk down the aisle with their pet dog in their arms.

Jaychou Dream WEdding in Taiwan for their cake cutting Jaychou Dream WEdding in Taiwan cake cutting Jay chou Dream WEdding in Taiwan

Photos from JayChou/Facebook

Lets Wishes them every Lasting Love and Blissful Marriage Ahead! Cheers!

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