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We have been operating in the wedding industry for almost a decade. As such, we've seen the horror as well as the happy stories when it comes to engaging wedding photographers for your wedding photography in Singapore. Here, we would like to share some tips on how you can avoid a poor experience and get the most value of what you've paid.


Unless you struck gold, cheap usually doesn't equate quality. When comes to choosing a wedding photographer, you shouldn't automatically settle for the lowest charges on the quotation, or packages that come with a lot of freebies.

Instead, you should take time to evaluate and only engage the wedding photographer you're comfortable working with. Each wedding photographer has their own styles so be sure to check and make sure it matches what you're looking for. Shooting wedding photos can be tricky and in our experience what matters most is you're comfortable and feel relaxed when behind the camera.

When you're relaxed, your photos turn out better. Photo composition looks more natural. Hence, if you found a style that you like and are comfortable with the photographer for your wedding photography in Singapore, go ahead! Just remember to not settle down for the cheapest option!

Full Albums, Not “Few” Photos!

Wedding photographers tend to show the best photos taken on their portfolio site. Hence it is not strange to see a lot of beautiful photos taken on the photographer's website or their online portfolio. It's okay to go with wedding photographers that give the “wow factor” but you should take caution and look for consistency. Request for the full album to check if they are consistent with the style of your photography and if you're satisfied with the number of photos that turned out “wow”.

When viewing the full album, you want to make sure that the photo tells a story beautifully. You want to end up with an album that tells story through beautiful photos, not an album with just two or three great photos.

Recommended by Wedding Venue

Often wedding venues have their list of “preferred” vendors or suppliers that they have been working with. It is okay to peruse through the list and pick from there but it's important to mention that you should not skimp on your personal taste because of that list. Recommendations are a great starting place but no two weddings are the same. You may have a different budget compared to other couples and hence should not shy away from alternatives.

Wedding photography in Singapore is competitive in nature. There will be a lot of wedding photographers competing for your business so be sure to take your time and choose appropriately. You should not compromise by choosing them from the list. Instead, settle for photographers that meet your style and budget.

My brother bought a new camera

There is a misconception out there in the wedding photography industry. The more expensive cameras or lens you have, the better is your photos. While there is a relative link, the connection is not significant. This is because wedding photography is more than just equipment.

In photography, the ability to tell stories is second to none. It takes years of experience and training to shape the style of wedding photography in Singapore that photographers are good at. Make no mistake, photography isn't about equipment, but rather about capturing a story.

Conclusion: Our Final Thoughts

Wedding photography in Singapore will continue to evolve as more photographers adapt new styles to suit the dynamic style requirements of the newlyweds. Care must be taken however to make sure that you engage the right photographers that suit your style and budget.

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