Gown Alterations & Laundry Services

Gown Alterations & Laundry Services

Do you have a gown that does not fit your silhouette when it is delivered to your premises?

Or will there be gowns that you had bought which are too small or too big?

More importantly, it does not compliment you and make you look fat or sloppy!


What is the most Important Thing on a Bride during for their Dream Wedding?

The Wedding Gown! 

The wedding gown is meant to compliment the bride and to make her look stunning with the right fit.

A dress that truly make the bride feel like a princesses walking down the aisle!


Where can I get my Gown Altered to my silhouette or adjusting the elements to it?

Dream Wedding is pleased to present to you the solution to your Gown Alterations issues!

With our In-house Designer, Dream Wedding is pleased to be offering you our Services of Alterations towards your own wedding gown & evening gown!

From changing of Zip, Corset, sewing and gown element. We are here to offer you alterations services for your Dream Wedding Gown!

Gown Alteration services will be from $80 onwards.

You are worth the perfect fit to your Dream Wedding Gown!


How about laundry services of the wedding gown before and after wedding?

Gown will oxidise upon opening from its original packages. The process will be much more rapid when it had interacted with water, dirt, dust, sweat and chemical.

This is especially so after you had wore the gowns for pre wedding photoshoot or for your wedding day!

Unless you intend to wear and throw the gown after 1 time use, we will recommend you to send them to the professional wedding gown laundry to maintain your Dream Dress after each wear.

Dirt and stain with sweat will perpetrate the gowns and turn it yellowish within days when left untreated. Odour will accumulate with germs growing within the gown especially there are many layers of tulle, satin and fabric within a gown.


Why did you buy your own gown instead of renting it?

I believe that you are buying your own gown instead of renting it due to many reasons.

1) To get your Dream Gown: You definitely have an idea on what type of silhouettes, neckline and fabric you wish to have on your wedding gown. Hence you wish to go straight into the design rather than sourcing the near-to-perfect-design in a bridal shop.

2) Wish to save cost buying from Taobao or other online source: Weddings in Singapore are expensive, hence some of the brides will be turning to online platform for great bargain. The pros: pay a fraction of the rental price to get a wedding dress. Cons: The dress might not fit, design and material is different from what you have seen online.

3) It's a Wedding Gown from my Mum! Thus it will means alot to be changing elements of it in memory of the parents love story!

4) Because you want to leave it for your children! Most likely your daughter! This is definitely the most important heritage you can leave for them that symbolise the blessing from your love story!


Where can I get my Gown cleaned? Steam, straighten and packed properly for long term preservation?

Dream Wedding is pleased to present to you the solution to your Gown Laundry Issues!

With our team of laundry and professional wedding gown handler, Dream Wedding is pleased to be offering you our Services of Laundry towards your own wedding gown & evening gown!

Laundry services will be available for your wedding gown, evening gown and suit. We are here to offer you laundry services for your Dream Wedding Gown!

Gown Laundry services will be at $100. Additional chemical solutions services are available to clean off stubborn stains.

Apparels such as wedding gown carrier, gown hanger, wedding veil and even wedding accessories are available in our bridal too.

P.s. Do you know that as Wedding Gown are really delicate. They will usually require handler to personally do hand treatment for the gowns. Full attention are required for the whole durations of the cleaning process too.


Just In Case if you need to Rent Another Gown. 

Special Gown Rental Promotion! Find Out More here!


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