How to Find the Right Wedding Planner

If you're looking for a wedding planner Singapore is a great place to find one. We have so many homegrown talents that can cater to your needs. 

With such a rich crop of wedding industry experts, it's not that hard to find one for you. Here are the steps that you should take to hire the right wedding planner for you.

Steps in Finding the Right Wedding Planner

Know what you want.

Prior to finding a wedding planner, make sure you know what you want for your wedding. Details like your wedding venue, date, theme, program, event type should already be set. It's also important to set a budget early on. Preparing early will make things easier for you, as well as your future wedding planner. 

Scout for options.

Some women find wedding planners at their friends' or relatives' weddings. If you happen to like how your friend or relative's wedding event was executed, then you can ask them for the contact details of their wedding planner. Other women find them at bridal showcases and wedding shows. So if you haven't been to a wedding in a while, you can opt to visit a wedding show during the weekend. That's where you'll find a lot of wedding planners and get their contact details. It's best to have more than five options.


Now that you have their contact details, the next thing you need to do is look at their portfolio. Find out what they specialize in. Do they do full-blown planning, or only provide coordination for wedding days. Other things to take note of are the types of weddings they do (big, festive ones? or small and intimate ones), and the venues of these events.

Look at reviews and call their former clients.

Find out what the couples they worked with have to say about them. You can also ask people you know who hired them about their experiences. 

Narrow down your choices.

Narrow your choices down to three and schedule meetings with them.

Prepare pegs to show during your meeting.

You don't have to create an idea board, but that would help a lot. Prepare photos that closely reflect what you want to see on your wedding day. You can put together magazine cut-outs and printed online photos in a scrapbook. Better yet, create a Pinterest board which you can both access even after the meeting and refer to during the planning period. 

Keep an open mind.

Wedding planners know what's best for your day, so keep an open mind for suggestions. Just make sure that their recommendations don't veer too far off from what you originally had in mind and won't break your budget.

Make your final decision.

Finally, decide who you're going to get among your three options. Sign the necessary contracts first. Remember to read the fine print. If possible, run the contracts by a lawyer to fully understand what you're getting into. Once done, you can hand in the deposit and begin planning for your big day!

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