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We all know how important wedding photography is at the most important day of your life. In simple terms, the role of a wedding photographer is to help you capture precious moments of your life on that day, as you walk down the aisle with your chosen partner. They'll be there to capture that moment as you stare at your beautiful partner, smile and vow to take care of each other eternally.

In this article, we look into the secrets of every wedding photographer working in Singapore. Hopefully, this will help you to understand more about the nature of the work.

Asking About Experience

Most photographers wished if you can ask about their experience in order to help you distinguish them from other competing wedding photography in Singapore. Every wedding is unique and hence a good question you should ask when evaluating photographers is “How would you deal with this if…”. This will give you a good grasp of the photographer's experience when it comes to handling potential issues. Having a reassurance answer also justifies the expense of hiring a professional wedding photographer as compared to someone who's doing it as a hobby.

No Two Photographers Are the Same

Most customers often assume wedding photography in Singapore is the same and it all comes down to the cost and availability. This is not the case as no two photographers are the same. As a customer, you must know that there are different styles of wedding photography and ultimately, you get to choose the style that matches you the most.

Customers should ask for the photographer's style and their unique approach to shooting a wedding. Through the discussion, only we as customers can know if the photographer is a good match for us.

Asking for Value Justification

Wedding photography in Singapore usually cost thousands of dollar upward for a complete professional shooting and album. Photographers would usually like the customer to ask why the charges are sky high so they can justify the cost. In a typical wedding photography photoshoot, a lot of time goes into planning such as gear readiness, location scouting and reading the couple's plan. From here, the photographer needs to plan on the shooting techniques and if there is enough light. This is because there are only probably seconds or minute worth of opportunity to capture that right image.

Cameras are not exactly cheap either. A professional setup can cost tens of thousands of onward. Then there are the countless hours that go into editing the photos, making sure the couple looks their best.

Seasonal Business

Wedding photography in Singapore is a highly seasonal business. Most people get married towards the end of the year. You will start to see a spike in demand for photographers beginning September towards the end of the year. Thus, most wedding photographers tend to find themselves out of work between January to September, albeit the occasional event or food shooting job that is probably enough to pay only the bills.

Like any business, photography business does not revolve around shooting photos. They are also responsible for marketing, graphic design, accounting, and company stewardship. You probably get the idea of why wedding photography in Singapore is starting to become a challenging business.


Wedding photography in Singapore is no doubt a must-have service in everyone's wedding. Choosing a wedding photographer can be stressful as everyone wants the best for their wedding. However, though an understanding from a customer as well as from the photographer's perspective, we can build a good match with our chosen photographer. Having good chemistry ensures that the actual shooting day is fun yet memorable.

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