Dream Wedding Planner Guest List Tips

Dream Wedding Planner Guest List Tips

Singapore Top Bridal Dream Wedding Planner here to share our knowledge with you!

In this series, our Executive Wedding Planner, Ms Ivy Chin, from Dream Wedding (Singapore Reputable Wedding Planner) will be here to share tips on how can you decide on your guest list when you are stuck in the process of finalising it.

A usual practice is just to invite all friends that you had known but with the rising cost in wedding banquet. Sometime, we will advice couple to have a more cosy and intimate event which your event will be mainly consist of your closed friends and relative only.

Let us help you in our Wedding Planning Tips and may you have a wonderful Dream Wedding Ahead!

Tips 1:
Invite friends that you will spend special days with them such as Holiday or Birthday. These are your true close friends and they are definitely important in your lives thus it is important to invite them for your Dream Wedding!

Tips 2:
You must be comfortable being around with this person!

You are going through a very important ceremony and special stage in life, we suggest you invite people that you must be at least comfortable being around with them. Don't invite friends whom may spoil you big day!

Tips 3:
When was the last time I saw this friends?

If you had not seen this friends of yours for more than 2 years or even having a nicely facebook conversation with them. We will advice not to invite them as they are probably not a close friends whom will want to be attending your wedding too.


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