DOUBLE BLISS BRIDE – Tips for Pregnant Care

Even though you can get really busy for your wedding planning, do remember that your pregnancy is equally important. As it is your first experience for both wedding planning and pregnancy hence it will twice as tough to handle them together. While giving tips about the wedding planning process, I will also be giving you some tips to note for your pregnancy!

As much as planning for your wedding is important. But you and your baby’s health are equally (or even more!) important along the journey. So let us also guide you through some pregnancy tips that you should not forget during your wedding planning journey!

Drink plenty of water and take prenatal vitamin

During pregnancy, it is important to drink plenty of fluids, especially water. As your blood volume will increases greatly and drinking enough water will help to prevent commonly seen problems such as dehydration and constipation.

Right at the start or even while trying to conceive, it will be great for you to start taking prenatal vitamins. As the baby’s neural cord (which becomes the brain and spinal cord) develops within the first month of pregnancy. Hence it is really important to receive the essential nutrients right from the start and these vitamins can provide them.

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