The Dos and Don’ts for a Perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot

Behind every great pre-wedding shoot lies a carefully laid out plan. There are a few things you need to prepare for capturing the magical moments. Keep these dos and don’ts in mind and you’ll be set for your pre-wedding shoot.

Do: pick a concept that matches your personality.

Some couples like to just go with whatever’s trending, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But from our experience, the best pre-wedding photos are based on your personality and reflects you as a couple. If both of you are hikers, a mountain could be the perfect backdrop to compliment your photos.

Don't: go with an extremely different look.

Some couples may make an impulsive decision to change their appearance or choose a wedding gown that is over-the-top. A sudden change in your hairstyle or hair color will make you not quite yourself, and the resulting pre-wedding photos will likely not satisfy you. Instead, just be yourselves, and have faith in your photograph to capture the authentic moments between the two of you.

Do: choose a suitable time and come early.

The pre-wedding session should be done not too close to your wedding day because the photographer will need some time to edit the pictures. You should consult with your photographer regarding when to do the shoot. They know the best time of the day to achieve specific lighting effect and capture the feel you wanted in your pre-wedding photographs.

Don’t arrive late and miss out on your appointment either with your photographer. That’s one of the worst mistakes couples can make, especially if you’re keen on having your pre-wedding shoot during the sunrise.

Don't: forget to take care of your well-being.

You will need plenty of energy on your shooting day. So don’t skip meals before and on the shooting day thinking it will make you skinnier. The same applies to drinking water; the lack of water intake will make you look dull and unhealthy. Finally, get enough sleep the day before so you can wake up on time with a healthy complexion on your face.

Do: bring a pair of flats and other things you may need.

Pre-wedding shoot may involve a lot of walking between scenes. This is why brides should wear comfy flats to avoid bruises and sores from all that walking around. When it’s time for posing in front of the camera, you can change to your pretty high heels.

Do account for the weather; bringing umbrellas or sunscreen for an outdoor shoot will spare you a lot of trouble. Also prepare a mini sewing kit, hair pins, and other necessities, just in case you need them.

Don’t: overlook your partner's wishes.

This is what brides tend to forget. Your man might not speak about it much, but he might have some reservations when it comes to pictures taken in fancy manners. Always ask for his approval and if there’s ever a concern, talk it over to reach a compromise. Nothing is worse than arguing with your partner over the whole concept and idea during the actual shoot.

Do: have some fun with each other.

Pre-wedding shoot is ultimately an opportunity for you and your photographer to get to know each other. It’s also another date with your man, so don’t try too hard to come up with unusual poses. All you have to do is trust your photographers and have fun with your significant other!


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