Couple Destination Dream Wedding Spoiled When Valuable is Missing From Luggage

Couple Destination Dream Wedding is spoiled as their Valuable are lost from Luggage

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A Destination Dream Wedding turned into nightmare after their wedding ring and thousands of dollar in valuable are missing from their checked in luggage.

Two weeks ago, Lance and Stephanie Brown flew Air Canada from Vancouver to Hawaii for their wedding. After landing in Maui, they were shocked to see Lance's suitcase come off the baggage carousel wrapped in a plastic garbage bag.

When the couple opened the bag, they found that $4,000 worth of valuables had disappeared – including a wedding band.

Coouple Dream Wedding is spoiled when valuable go missing from luggageView Full Video Here.

“I thought maybe the latch broke, but when I got the bag back to the house we opened it up and the latch was working just fine, and all my valuables are missing,” Lance told CTV Vancouver.

“Most importantly at that point was my wedding ring and my grandfather's cufflinks,” he added.

With the wedding in just four days, the couple scrambled to get a new ring, while trying to get answers from Air Canada.

“We're on our wedding week with all of our friends in Maui, and we're spending two hours on hold,” said Stephanie.

It felt as though the couple had to jump through hoops to get help from the airline, she added.

“(Air Canada) responded after two hours of basically passing us back and forth to different customer service reps,” Stephanie said.

The couple said they also had to make a trip to the Maui Police Department.

“We spent about three to four hours there to get the police report,” Stephanie said.

At their Hawaiian wedding ceremony, the couple ended up using a leather bracelet instead of a wedding band to exchange their vows.

Air Canada told the couple that the issue could take four to eight weeks to resolve.

After CTV News contacted Air Canada, the couple received a response from the airline this week.

The airline will be sending the pair a $1,900 compensation cheque, a company spokesperson told CTV News on Saturday.

However, Air Canada says that with so many people handling baggage, all valuables should be kept in carry-on luggage.

Even though the newlyweds are trying to forget about the costly headache, Stephanie maintains it is unfair that passengers may have to think twice when placing valuables in checked baggage.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Penny Daflos
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