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Earlier this year, the world saw what a posh Singaporean wedding would look like, thanks to the hit Hollywood film, “Crazy Rich Asians”. In the movie,  audiences saw socialite Araminta Lee walk down the flowy aisle wearing a gown, veil, and glittery stockings to wed business mogul Colin Khoo. No doubt that the wedding photography and videography for that occasion must have been as breathtaking as the event.

Weddings are momentous events not just for the couple but also their relatives and friends. It's an event worth looking back on after years or decades. That's why you need to have really good wedding photography.

You don't need to be an Araminta Lee to afford awesome wedding photography (or videography) for your wedding. Here are some tips so that you can get your dream wedding photography without breaking the bank.

How to get the best and most affordable wedding photography Singapore

Read their wedding philosophy.

Not all photographers do weddings, so just narrow your choices down to career wedding photographers.

One of the things you need to know right off the bat is their belief about weddings and marriage. You can read about this on their website. Better yet, ask them about it when you meet with them. If you and the photographer share the same beliefs, then he or she can effectively translate your ideas to images meaningfully. They should be able to take photos of what you deem to be the most important moments in your wedding.

Look at their portfolio.

Take a look at wedding photographers' portfolios to gauge the kind of style, lighting, and composition they implement.


There are photographers that specialize in traditional posed shots. There are also those that take more candid ones, photojournalist style. You will also find photographers who like taking dramatic photos.

What's important is you find a photographer whose style reflects the theme of your wedding.

Color, lighting, composition, and post-processing

The color, lighting, and composition will depend highly on your photographer's philosophy and understanding as to what type of story you want to tell.

Some photographers are more vibrant, with colors popping out in their photos. Then there are those who prefer to use muted palettes or colors that resemble social media photo filters. A lot of this has to do with post-processing.

Talk to their Clients

The best way to do this is to talk to their previous clients directly by getting their contact details from the photographer. Another way to this is to look at testimonials on their website and user reviews on their Facebook page.

Finally, and most importantly, tell them your budget.

Tell the wedding photographer what your budget is so that he or she can provide you a reasonable package, including a timely delivery of the complete set of photos. There's a possibility for you to renegotiate, but just make sure that you won't pay too much extra, or that he or she won't cut down too much from what you want and need.




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