Avoid These Reasons For Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Certain among the most typical “selling points” for wedding photographers could in fact be red flags in disguise. Hereunder are some factors that should not influence your decision — and how to ensure that you’ve picked a winner.

1. The Venue Shoots hundreds of photos a year

Experience is crucial— you won’t want a photographer utilizing your wedding for practice. However, busier isn’t always optimal. If a person shoots over 100 weddings in a year, either they’re shooting back-to-back events every weekend, or they’re hiring associate photographers to fill their shoes.

Neither of them is a definite deal breaker, however you should get a feel for how these photographers deal with their large workload. If they’re doing it all alone, do they appear to be passionate or jaded? If they’re hiring an associate, is it a talented worker or a random freelancer? Be sure that you know who is going be holding the camera on your wedding day, and that they’re committed to treating you similar to a VIP no matter how many alternative clients they have.

2. A Good Deal

A person planned their wedding on a tight budget, so they wore a $400 wedding gown so as to afford their first-choice photographer. What was their reasoning? The perfect photographer can make a budget dress appear to be breathtaking, however the wrong photographer can make a Yumi Katsura seem tacky. Ask any person who has been burned: It’s not a deal if you hate your pictures.

If your favourite photographer is having a discount, then of course yeah, jump on it! However, do not let a big discount be your deciding factor. Excellent wedding photographers pay taxes, carry insurance and invest in high-end equipment and professional-grade printing. Thus, prior to you cutting corners with a very cheap photographer, ask yourself where they cut corners.

3. Recommended by the venue

Early in one of the wedding photographer’s career, she has shot a wedding at a lovely local venue and asked the coordinator if she could drop off a sample album for him to show his future customers. He told her she could — for a price. She was probably naïve, but she didn’t realize that certain venues sell spots on their “preferred vendor” lists. No doubt, this doesn’t apply to all venues — certain among them offer great recommendations because they enjoy seeing gorgeous images of their venue floating across the web. However, always double-check suggestions against friends, online reviews and your wedding planner prior to plunking down a deposit.

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