An Introduction to Pre-Wedding Photography

Engagement photography or simply known as pre-wedding photography has been gaining traction as of late in Singapore. More and more couples are starting to realize the importance of photography and how it can create an everlasting memory of their romantic life. Still, like a coin, there are two sides to each story. Some couples are starting to think pre-wedding photography as an utter waste of money and serves no purpose.

A pre-wedding photoshoot usually takes place 3 to 6 months before the actual wedding day. In our years of experience as a wedding planner in Singapore, there is more to gain than lose when a couple decides to do a pre-wedding photoshoot.

#1 – Evaluating Your Photographer

Chances are, you engaged a photographer based on his portfolio or recommendation from a friend. These are a positive experience of past clients but it does not guarantee a similarly positive experience for you. A pre-wedding photoshoot helps you to evaluate and build a relationship with your photographer. You need to be comfortable behind the cameras as your photographer snaps your photo. The more comfortable you are, the better the pictures will be.

Photographers often work as a team. Through pre-wedding photoshoot, the team gets to know and understand more about the style you prefer. They also get to understand the affection you have with your partner, which helps in creating the setting and theme for your big day eventually.

#2 – Makeup and Hair Test

You want to look the best on your most important day. This means putting money into professional grooming and engaging professional vendors to assist you look the best. However, without a trial, you are leaving the decision to the vendors. It's better if you can have a platform to test the competency of your vendors before putting up with the final showdown on your big day. You don't want to mess up such an important day with poor performance from your vendors.

What better platform other than the pre-wedding shooting? You get a chance to preview how you and your partner will look like before the final day. This way, if you don't like a particular look, there's still time and room to do that adjustment.

Better safe than sorry.

#3 – Candid Photos

The best photos are the photos taken without you realizing it. With the absence of a professional setting, you're you. It's the reason why your partner fell in love with. Wedding albums are typically boring thanks to the pose and forced smiles you need to give in order to look best.

A few years down the road, you'll appreciate and cherish the memory spent on having these pictures in your album. It feels more natural and displays the affectionate moment that you and your partner always have.


You are set to get married once in your lifetime. What's more to say spending a few more to record down and cherish the time and moment you've been together? After all, a moment passed is a moment lost. The pictures taken belong to you and nobody can take that away. If budget is a concern, you should be able to negotiate a term out for your pre-wedding photography.

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