7 type of Brides that you do not want to be! (Tips to survive the common mindset)

Dream Wedding is usually a magical word that all brides will want.

We understand that everyone have a different view about their Dream Wedding. Brides are also usually the key player or main wedding planner in their once in a life time event.

So what are the type of brides that you will not want to be?

Through a survey done in the market, we can classify them based on a few types:

1) Cost Savvy Brides

“Everything that we put into the wedding, must be as low as possible. My Budget is ZERO. This is the time for us to pull our strings and connect with all my friends for their services and products. What are friends for, right? Its means, getting them involved with my biggest party, they are suppose to be honoured.”

Things to note:

You will need to be aware that everyone need money to survive. Be fair to your friends who are providing a service to you and you may be surprised that you will have appreciative friends after your wedding (till the rest of your life)

2) Big Spender Brides

“My wedding budget is No Budget! It is a once in a lifetime thing, it happens only once! It must be my dream wedding comes true. It has to be a Wow wedding.”

Things to note:

Wedding is indeed the biggest party of your life, but always be aware that there are lives after the party! Don't get into a hole of debt after your wedding and spend reasonably within your mean. Just like after attending a party, A hangover for short period of time is okay, but permeant disability from intoxication is bad.

3) Bridezilla

“I want everything to be as what it is, regardless rain or shine. It is my wedding, it should go my way.”

Things to note:

Wedding is really a celebration of 2 families, accident and incident will happen as fate brings you both together. If it rains, enjoy the moment and stay happy as there are no replay button in your wedding since you cannot fight the elements. (Just do your best planning and enjoy the best!)

4) Confused Bride

I am a non conventional bride, I have a dream to do it very much different from others. But can you tell me all the details about a traditional wedding? I will want to go through the ritual step by step.

(Maybe the vendors is the confused one)

Things to note:

Take a moment and breath! Understand your dream and write everything down. After that, Speak to a professional wedding planner to gather your thoughts into practical actionable plan. Remember that vendors will require you to know what you want before they can deliver.

5) Indecisive Bride

I want this blue flower today and tomorrow, cancel all that, i want this yellow flower instead. Whole process carry on till the day of wedding where huge bill are incurred and everything is in a mess.

Things to note:

Your Dream Wedding is in-fact a huge production where all the details need to be discussed and settled with an aim in mind. As everyone have limited time/budget, do settle on something with your hubby and try to stick to it through a check list. Finalise your plan before you settle with the booking to avoid injuring extra charges.

6) Professor Ula(乌拉博士) Bride

I have a few questions to ask you:

Q1: “Which day is good for my wedding?”


Q532: “Which day is good for my wedding?”


Q1001: “Which day is good for my wedding?”


Things to note:

Brides whom have questions are good but asking the questions again and again will means you are not really understanding. Beside that, if the question is a personal question that only you can answer, vendors are hard to answer on your behalf.

7) Insecure Brides

“I don't know which colour is better? Dear, can you decide for me?”

2days later: “Dear, I don't know why you choose this colour (Blaming). The colour is not what I like at all”    “….”

1 week later: “Dear which design is good for me?”

…… (Story goes on)

Things to note:

You need to feel secured making decisions and standing up for your liking instead of passing that responsibility to another person. Express your feelings and go with your gut and always stay happy with your decisions.

Dream Wedding is really about finding happiness in each other through this project called Wedding Planning.

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