7 Big Wedding Photography Mistakes

Hereunder are some of the top mistakes done when it comes to wedding photography:

1. Not Completing the Wedding Day Timetable

“Speak to your shutterbug prior to finalizing the timetable for your wedding day. There are many things to take into consideration as far as photo taking and natural light. Some periods of day are better for taking photographs than others (midday sun lays heavy, unfavourable shadows on one’s face whereas late day sun lays a glamourizing warm glow on all people).”

2. Not abiding to the Completed Timetable

“Give close attention and care for the schedule you and your shutterbug speak about before your wedding. Arriving an hour late can be the deciding factor behind the good or bad outcome of your images. Do not presume it just takes 10 minutes”

3. Relatives Being an Impediment

“There is a name in the photography business for a guest who arrives with pro picture taking equipment and shoots ‘uncorroborated wedding pictures' – this person is known as Uncle Bob. This character may presume that he is doing something good for you by taking a greater amount of photographs for the newlyweds, however he typically only gets in the way becoming an impediment and makes the pros miss their shots. Please ask him to not bring his camera with him and just have a good time at the wedding without doing any work.”

4. Not Explaining How You Like to Look in Photos

“Beauty is truly quite relative. Clients may be asked to send a pic of themselves prior to the wedding that they like and another one which they do not.”

5. Focusing Too Much on Taking Photos

“A professional photojournalist can encapsulate the tale of their big occasion and encapsulate certain artistic portraits although maintaining the time apart from the couple to a minimum.”

6. Not Getting a Second Shooter

“Occasionally brides wish to save on some costs or feel that it is too obvious for many photographers to be present on the special day. However take into consideration the following: The other photographer provides another unique angle or aspect during the whole day that you would not have had captured.”

7. Not Getting Help Organizing Your Guests

“Appoint a person that you can rely on and who knows your friends and relatives to be responsible for organizing individuals for portraits. That individual could bring together the people required, guide them on what photo shoots they will be in, and then have them leave once they are done. It allows for things to move fast and smoothly in an enjoyable manner.”

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