5 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Your Wedding

Nowadays, marriage between couples who had children from their previous relationship is not that uncommon in Singapore. While it’s lovely to have them as members of the wedding party, you can incorporate your children in a way that makes them feel even more excited about their new family status.

Sons and daughters can easily take part in the ceremony, whether via traditional means or through other outlets that allow the children to be integral parts of the special day. Here are some creative ideas to get you started.


1. Starting the Show

Having your children lead your wedding procession will fill them with pride. We’ve seen little kids carry toy trains or handmade pennant flag announcing “Here’s my mommy/daddy!” in less formal weddings.


2. With Their Blessing

The unity ritual does not have to be so rigid. You can create a kid-friendly version to represent your blended family, such as incorporating juice for the toast, and letting them give their own speech so you can give your own vow to them in return.


3. Part of the Design

The wedding cake decoration can reflect the fact that the marriage involves more than two people. Hogwarts-inspired couples may come up with a family symbol on pins, pendants, or rings that each member of your family can wear to signify their connection.


4. Put on a Performance

The dance floor can be the perfect time to showcase how your merged family works together. Not only does it make a very special memory, but it's fun for them to practice and plan as a team. Your children can also read a poem or perform a song, depending on their personality and where their talents lie – an introverted child most likely isn’t going to love giving a public performance.


5. Assign Official Duties

If you give a kid a responsibility, they will guard that position and take it seriously. Whether it's ushering guests to their seats, acting as messengers or serving as maid of honour or best man, giving your kids official wedding duties is a great way to get them involved in this life-changing event.


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