Wedding Day Itinerary Tips & Guide (Singapore Wedding Planner Tips)

Wedding Day Itinerary Tips & Guide (Singapore Wedding Planner Tips)

Ms Ivy Chin, Executive Wedding Planner for Dream Wedding Group is here to share Wedding Day Planning tips on every Tuesday.

Today the topic will be about what items should I be concern for my Wedding Day Itinerary Planning?

There are a few Key Points that we will be sharing today.


Wedding Planning Tips 1: Timing!

Take note of the timing for the timing that you have to fetch the bride or what is the timing for you to reach the groom house?

These timing are usually indicated by your geomancy or parents decisions.

These timing will affect your event of the day.

Example: a Bridal Make Up will take 2 hours to 2.5 Hours. So if your fetch the brides timing is at 7am. The latest timing for you to do your make up will be at 5am.


Wedding Planning Tips 2: Distance from one area to the others

You will need to always consider the distance and add in additional time.

Example a journey from Ang Mo Kio to Woodland usually take 30 mins, but because you are travelling in convoy (with your brothers and sisters) the speed will be slower. Thus you will have to plan 45mins instead:)


Wedding Planning Tips 3: Tea Ceremony

Usually in the morning, you will have tea ceremony for chinese customary. This process usually will take 1 hour for 30 – 50 members but if it is more than this number of pax. We will suggest to include another 1 hour into your planning.


Wedding Planning Tips 4: Gate Crashing Games

Bridesmaid and sisters. Do take note that you will have to complete your games within the assigned time. Suggested amount of time is 0.5 hour to 1 hour for the games to be played.


Wedding Planning Tips 5: Wedding Banquet

Table to Table Photoshoot usually take up the most time in the whole wedding banquet. But more than often, this process is delayed and thus it make the banquet end at very late timing.

With good coordinations from a Wedding Planning Team, it is possible for us to clear 40 tables in 30 min but usually we will suggest couple to estimate 1 hour to 1.5 hours for this amount of table.

Should you have lesser guest, you can do it within an hour according to the proportion of time too:)


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Share with us your view here and let everyone learn from your experience too:)

Do send us your questions too as it can be the topic for our next Interview Tuesday with our Wedding planner.

With Love,
Ivy Chin
Executive Wedding Planner
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