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Ms Ivy, Executive Wedding Planner for Dream Wedding will be sharing on the topic:

What to look out for in your Overseas Pre Wedding Photoshoot.



1st Point:

The package details, does your package include make up artist (Bridal MUA) following you for the trip? Is it just pure photography services only? Is Wedding Gown & Bridal Outfit rental included in the packages?

If it is not include in the packages, you will need to factor in additional cost such as renting the gown at $1000 – $3000. Hiring a MUA at $800 -$1500 per day of service. Not forgetting the additional Air Ticket & Accommodation of the Make Up Artist. (Estimate $2000)


2nd Point: Is the Air Fare and Accommodation included for the crew?

If it is not included, you may have to check out the rates of the airfreight. Example: Singapore to Paris (To & Fro Ticket ($900 Qatar Airline to $2200 Singapore Airline)

Accommodation will be around $150 per night per room.

You may need to consider if MUA & Photographer need to sleep in separate rooms as usually they are of different gender.


3rd Point: Additional Optional Charges

For your Overseas Pre Wedding Photoshoot Package, Will Ampoules and Fake Lashes be included in the packages?

Sometime, if it is not added into the package, it may add up to additional amount for your wedding expenses.

Will transportation be included for the photoshoot period? If it is not included, you may have to consider on the cost of it.

Usually it will be more cost effective to self drive as you will save around 50% of the cost. Example if you self drive in Santorini, you will simply pay around $100 but if you have driver or tour guide to bring you around, it will cost around $1000.

We hope you will enjoy this short video and every Tuesday our wedding planner will share wedding tips and answer questions regarding your wedding planning issues.

Do share with us your view so others can benefit and may you have a wonderful Dream Wedding ahead! Cheers!


With Love,
Ivy Chin
Executive Wedding Planner
Dream Wedding


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