Unique Photoshoot Location in Singapore

Unique Photoshoot Location in Singapore

Often Singaporeans find themselves worrying about marriage because afterall our cost of living is constantly on a rise. From the exorbitant hotel ballrooms prices, wedding bands and the wedding gown, we still desire a delightful wedding journey despite its cost.


A worry that each wedding couples face is wanting to have a beautiful pre-wedding photos to show to their family and friends without breaking the bank. We often have that mindset thinking unique and pretty photos requires overseas travelling for those stunning shots. Do not belittle our little island dot! Despite our magnificent concrete landscape, we too have our own breathtaking landscapes that turns a local photoshoot into an overseas adventure.


Let us share with you 9 Unique Photoshoot Locations that Singapore have to offer!


Unique Photoshoot Location 1: Punggol Ranch

Our very own Cameron Highlands! This location unknowingly transports you out of our island to a seeming countryside. Not only will you have your photoshoot, one will get to feed bunnies, horses and get photos taken with them. It is a all in one fun package for couples, providing a wholesome experience while getting beautiful photos taken for your wedding.


Unique Photoshoot Location 2: Botanic Garden

Conveniently located at the central of Singapore, this well known park has everything that will seemingly make your photos seem non-local. Its vast greenery hides away all buildings and infracsture, taking you to a land away from the city. Besides the huge grassfield and flowers, there are also standout features like caves that adds a different saturation to your photos. To top it of, the Swan Lake provides a broader horizon with the existence of swans habitating the waterbody which suggests a countryside theme for your photoshoot.


Unique Photoshoot Location 3: Marina Pier

Here is a site that differs. With minimal greenery, couples are faced with the vast sea which provides a never-ending landscape. Very seldom we come across shooting locations that features a breakwater with the waterbody. During your photoshoot, enjoy the seabreeze against the contrasting blue backdrop that will create natural looking shots.


Unique Photoshoot Location 4: Changi Boardwalk

Another location that is accompanied by the sea. This is a favourite for the romantics that fancy capturing the elegant moment of the setting sun. The 2.2km boardwalk leads up to the final stretch named Sunset Walk. As its name suggest, enjoy a breezy stroll down while having beautiful images of you and your loved one being taken right in front of the colour show.


Unique Photoshoot Location 5: Fort Canning Park

Go back in history at this easily forgottened landmark. This iconic park not only houses ancient artefacts from the World War II but also an ideal location those that prefer a rustic and mysterious theme for their photoshoot. Aside from the picturesque stone walls, the site is filled with sufficient greenery to provide your photographs the touch of nature.


Unique Photoshoot Location 6: Little Guilin

Another less knowned location hidden within the residential estate of Bukit Batok, this nature park leans more towards couples that delight in a mystical theme photoshoot. The gigantic rock formations partakes in painting the out-of-country backdrop.


Unique Photoshoot Location 7: Upper Seletar Reservoir

The reservoir is home to one of the largest and oldest tree in Singapore. It stands alone admist the clear and breathtaking scenery making it one of the top locations for couples seeking that spectecular landscape. Stand out from the crowd with nature and simplicity for a day shoot away from the bustling city life.


Unique Photoshoot Location 8: Seletar North River

The river is situated in between Punggol Timor Island and Punggol Barat Island. This unfamiliar landscape is most ideal for lovebirds whom desire a serene theme against the dreamy waterbody. Not often do we have such an eye-pleasing nature sites within our tiny island and its seclusion from the residential estates is a bonus for a smooth sailing photoshoot.


Unique Photoshoot Location 9: Sentosa

Aside from all greenery, couples may opt for the beach where they can soak in the sun and seaside without flying to Phuket or even Bali. Take a walk on the smooth sand where its quiet and peaceful. The romantic setting is a perfect setting for a more vibrant yet soft images. Such an experience will be most memorable since when will one ever have professional photos of them taken at the beach?


Surprise Unique Photoshoot Location 10: Chinese Garden

A location that differs from the natural landscape of the other suggested venues that is less popular than the usual urban settings. The oriental structures and the huge Jurong Lake that sits in the middle of the park will bring photos to life. This tranquil site also ensures peace and quietness throughout the photoshoot, making it the perfect venue for couples whom want to stand out from the ordinary greenfields.


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