Singapore Top Bridal Ranking and Most Trusted among 117 Bridal

Singapore Top Bridal Ranking and Most Trusted among 117 Bridal


Top Bridal No. 1 of 117: Dream Wedding Boutique, No.2: Fatimah Mohsin, No.3: La Belle Couture, No.4: Bella Sue Bridal Couture, No.5: La Bella Couture, No.6: The Aisle Bridal, No.7: The Gown Warehouse, No.8: White Link, No.9: Rico – A – Mona, No.10: Rh Bridal & Stuido


Top Bridal No. 1 of 117: Dream Wedding Boutique, No.11: Cangai Wedding SG (藏爱婚纱), No.12: My Dream Wedding SG, No.13: Odelia Bridal No.14: My Bridal Room, No.15: Blessed Brides, No.16: Memorie & Co, No.17: Kahn-Kawin Bridal, No.18: Amanda Lee Weddings, No.19: Yikeshu Bridal and Photography Studio, No.20: Love Story Wedding Boutique


Top Bridal No. 1 of 117: Dream Wedding Boutique, No.21: Divine Couture, No.22: Kleid Gown & Co, No.23: Yvonne Creative Bridal No.24: Chinta Weddings, No.25: Bluebay Weddings, No.26: Jinder's Singapore, No.27: Malena Bridal Haute Couture, No.28: 1728 Wedding House Singapore, No.29: The Red Wedding, No.30: Universal Bridal Studio


Top Bridal No. 1 of 117: Dream Wedding Boutique, No.31: Fleur D'Ssign, No.32: Little White Wedding Shop by Golden Happiness, No.33: La Mariee Wedding House, No.34: Bridal Closet, No.35: Bridal Concept, No.36: Alisha & Lace, No.37: Gowns Villa, No.38: Vivian Gown, No.39: The Wedding Present, No.40: Fame Bridal Boutique


Top Bridal No. 1 of 117: Dream Wedding Boutique, No.41: Luna Bianca Bridal Boutique, No.42: Jawn Happy Ever After, No.43: K Gown,  No.44: Cupido Gowns & Dresses, No.45: Stylemart Bridal, No.46: Caramel & Co, No.47: Dang Bridal, No.48: Rent A Gown, No.49: Silverlining Bridal Couture, No.50: Flamingo Bridal


Top Bridal No. 1 of 117: Dream Wedding Boutique, No.51: Le Seine Bridal, No.52: Vaughn Tan, No.53: The Wedding Boss,  No.54: The Prelude Bridal, No.55: House Of Etiquette, No.56: La Vita Brides, No.57: Frederick Lee Couture, No.58: Accessorize Bridal, No.59: J & C Bridal Collections, No.60 (Tie): De Bridal Shop


Top Bridal No. 1 of 117: Dream Wedding Boutique, No.60 (Tie): White Weddings, No.62: Your Love, No.63: Jess Haute Couture,  No.64: Wedding Dress Bridal, No.65: Le Grand Wedding, No.66: L.A.B. Bridal Couture, No.67: Vera Wang Bride, No.68: Victoria Wedding Collection, No.69(Tie): Frieda Brides, No.69 (Tie): Margaret Brides


Top Bridal No. 1 of 117: Dream Wedding Boutique, No.69 (Tie): Truly Enamoured, No.69 (Tie): BV Wedding Photography, No.73: Adore Bridal,  No.74: Kelly's Bridal, No.75 (Tie): Adellefrances, No.75 (Tie): Alangkaar Bridal Studio, No.75 (Tie): Our Bridal House, No.78: The Knot Wedding Gallery, No.79: Grace Atelier Weddings, No.80 (Tie): The Proposal


Top Bridal No. 1 of 117: Dream Wedding Boutique, No.80 (Tie): Jessicacindy, No.80 (Tie): Love Potion Singapore, No.83: Golden Horse Award Bridal,  No.84 (Tie): Blush Blush Bridal Couture, No.84 (Tie): Kai Bridal Couture, No.84 (Tie): K-Wedding


Please do excise caution on the following bridal that have a Facebook Page but not a review column for their past customer to leave their testimonial. 

We will suggest you to find multiple past couple of their bridal and make multiple visit to have a more clearer feel towards the bridal package details and process.

As there are no repeat customer for the wedding industry and so it is really important to see what past couple feel and experience during their interaction with the bridal.

This is a transparent and important aspect for a business that practice good service standards and no hidden cost policy.

87) Beautiful Love Wedding

88) The Lourve Bridal

89) Sultanah Bridal & Boutique

90) Trinity Gallery

91) Aidah Bridal & Boutique

92) Bqueens Wedding

93) The Feline Wedding Bridal

94) Hougang Bright Studio

95) Silhouette The Atelier

96) Tiara Bridal

97) Seletar Broadway

98) La Wen Boutique

99) Olive Suite Bridal

100) Renee L. Collections

101) French Wedding

102) Secret Bridal

103) BV Gown Singapore

104) Thomson Wedding Collections (TWC)

105) Golden Happiness

106) Ann Teoh

107) Z Wedding Design

108) Fairy Godmothers Bridal

109) Michelle HuiMin Bridal Veil

110) Time Taken to make a Dress

111) Rebecca Caroline

112) Anseina Brides

113) Veilworks

114) Korea Artiz Studio Singapore

115) Oceanlove Studio

116) 520 Library Bridal Shop

117) You and Me Bridal

Note: Data is via public Facebook page of the various bridal as seen on 10 November 2017. Should there be differences, please do let us know so we can update here.

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What is Singapore Bridal?

A Singapore Bridal is a company that offers primarily Wedding Gown Services and usually other necessary wedding needs such as Pre Wedding Photoshoot, Wedding Make Up services, Wedding Accessories, Wedding Veil. Actual day (AD) wedding services such as Wedding Photographer (PG), Videographer (VG) and Wedding Planner are sometime being offered in a Singapore Bridal.

Singapore Bridal deals in wedding couple once in a lifetime event and no wedding vendor will hope to deal with the couple for repeated businesses.

Dream Wedding Boutique believe in this strongly and put it within their house rule that one groom can only sign 1 package with 1 bride in this bridal for a lifetime. See their 3 house rules here.


How do you differentiate the bridal services and product?

To be very honest, you can go to a restaurant for the first time and you can differentiate if it is good or not as you have to eat every day.

For Wedding Services, you can never truly differentiate it until you sign up a few package from different bridal and experience the process rendered by the various bridal through their service process.

Alternatively, you can only rely on the genuine feedback (It must be from other real couples, we will share more later in the article) by past wedding couple. These real wedded couples are the one whom had gone through the entire service process with the bridal for a general feel of the bridal services on their gown selections, products, professionalism, service flow and service standard and lastly, their attentiveness to your Dream Wedding!


Where can I find the reviews from past couples?

There are many places which people will leave their comment but there is a really common and transparent platform where everyone have a free speech towards their review of the company.

That's Facebook Review ! This is the place that people genuinely connect and spend their lives connecting with people.

Imagine if some bridal does not have a Facebook page? Wouldn't it be an out-dated bridal?

But if they have a Facebook and they don't have a review column for past couple to review their wedding services, doesn't it seems odd? Or will these company have skeletons to hide inside their closet? I.e. Hidden cost, poor services standards, small gown selections and etc..


How about other platform?

Yes, there are many new platform that are trying to use this review column. But how many are actually having the traction from real couple that leaves their reviews? Especially the one which you can even have the option to see your friends leaving their review? Bridestory is one platform and Google Plus is another.

Besides the new platform, we always have the old platform. The “Forum“! This is really a place where vendors can “ping” their company up daily with a new user message.

How relevant does Forum have in this generation have when its so easy to create a new account with a little additional IT knowledge to have a new IP address and new email to register for an account?

P.s. Try to see bad comments being flooded by new user comment or user that are really old in the forum (unusual activity for user to be so long in the forum and not getting married. Maybe because its a wedding vendor??)

P.s.s. Rumours that vendors can pay off forum to delete not good reviews. Else why will there always be comment that bad reviews are being removed from forum?


How do we index the bridal service standards through Facebook Review?

We went on a short research through many bridal Facebook page for their public review number multiple by their average review star. This will be equal to this studies on Singapore Bridal Wedding Service Standard Index!

Number Of Review X Stars = Bridal Service Standards Index


This will be compilation of the Singapore Top Bridal Ranking based on their past customer review for your easy reference. (Accurate as of 10 November 2017)

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