Referral Program for October 2017 Signed Up

Received a YSL Personalised Engraved Lipstick when you referred your friends and family to our bridal for October 2017 Signed Up!

Referral Program for October 2017 Signed Up


Received a YSL Personalised Engraved Lipstick when you recommend your friends to us for their Dream Wedding!

Simply let them quote your name/number when they visit us and we will contact you upon their sign up for your referral gift of YSL Personalised Engraved Lipstick!


Terms & Conditions:

1. Referral Gift (YSL Personalised Engraved Lipstick) is ONLY Valid for October 2017 signed up at our bridal for the packages and services.

2. YSL Personalised Engraved Lipstick will only be available to the referrer when referred couple sign up packages or services of at least $2000

3. Should the signed up amount be less than $2000, each signed up will reward the referrer with a pair of movie tickets.

4. Referrer name & contact will be asked during the first appointment with the wedding couple and it will be the only time that this referral gift are registered for.
4.1. Your Referred friends must say your name and contact when they first visit our bridal as to prevent dispute when multiple entry are contested for the same referral gifts.
4.2. Only 1 referral name will be registered in this 1st appointment.

5. Dream Wedding reserve the rights to change YSL Personalised Engraved Lipstick to similar value gifts when stock is not available.

6. Dream Wedding reserve all rights to the promotions.


Wedding Services which your friends may be interested in:

Wedding Gown Rental (Dream Wedding Boutique Range)

Wedding Gown Rental (DW Budget Range)

Singapore Pre Wedding Photoshoot Packages

Taiwan Pre Wedding Photoshoot Packages

Actual Day Wedding Services with Make Up & Gowns (AD Wedding Needs)

Actual Day Photography Services (AD PG)

Europe Pre Wedding Photoshoot Packages

Japan Pre Wedding Photoshoot Packages

Overseas Pre Wedding Photoshoot Packages


Wedding Planner Services



House Rule to Visit our Bridal


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