Real Couple Taiwan Pre Wedding Photos(Chee Loong & Wan Zi)

Real Couple Taiwan Pre Wedding Photos (Chee Loong & Wan Zi)

We are pleased to be presenting to you another Real Couple Taiwan Pre Wedding Photoshoot album! We hope you will enjoy it! Besides that we had attached the couple testimonial below!

Testimonial from Couple

One year ago, my partner & I were looking for bridal shops for our special day and pre-wedding shoot. My friend told me about dream wedding provides an affordable package for both hence we set an appointment with Ivy and she explained the bundle packages in details as we were looking for pre-wedding shoot in Taiwan such as the extra costs besides the package, and even itinerary. Everything was very clear and frank.

The Taiwan bridal shop in Taipei had also given us a memorable shoot and superb service. The photo was beautifully taken and delivery was prompt as well.

Dream wedding is very prompt, efficient and reliable as they will always make themselves available for us when we needed them for service and do their best to fulfill our requests. Despite my mom did not take up their gown rental service, they are still very polite and keen in helping us in other ways. I love the way in how they took pride and responsible in their profession.

Nevertheless, we had a wonderful experience as Ivy and her staff given many useful advises to us for both actual & pre-wedding preparation. Her staff actually helped me on the fitting of the gown and even chose the gown for me as I could not decide which to pick as they have variety of white gowns that would make girls look awesomely gorgeous on it. Once again, a very big Thank you to Dream Wedding to make my wedding so beautifully memorable. Keep it up and I would definitely recommend my friends to engage Dream Wedding service!


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One year ago, my partner & I were looking for bridal shops for our special day and pre-wedding shoot. My friend told me…

Posted by Wanzi Maruko on Monday, November 2, 2015


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