Prague IG Worthy Photoshoot Locations

Location 1: View of the Bridges from Hanavsky Pavillon on Letná Park

Rising above the city on the left bank of the Vltava, Letna Park offers a panorama sweeping across Prague’s succession of bridges and the castle. You can take in the view from various perspectives as you stroll along the tree-lined paths of the park. You can also spend your day chilling and enjoying the view of the city at the Letna beer garden.

Letna Park overseeing the beautiful city
Hanavsky Pavillon in Letna Park

Location 2: Vrtba Garden – on steps and from balcony at the top

In Mala Strana district, a series of palace gardens are hidden behind a gate of Karmelitska street which offers a surprising and perfect escape from the city. Set on a small, slopped plot on Petrin hill, staircases and curved walls run throughout the symmetrical green space. There is also a two-wing staircase with beautiful balustrades. The climb to the top is worth it for the breathtaking view.

Beautiful Vrtbovska-Zahrada

Location 3: Havlíčkovy Sady

Go for an early morning stroll through the grotto at Havlíčkovy sady. You will be able to find vineyards, wine cellars, fountains, an original historic bowling alley from the 1870s, and a lovely garden restaurant with stunning views of Prague.

The uniquely Havlíčkovy Sady

Location 4: Charles Bridge (early in the morning) & Charles Bridge Tower

If you imagine Charles Bridge in the day with the number of tourists walking around it, it will be very true that you can’t really take a nice photo. So how about waking up earlier and head down to the medieval bridge and get the really nice and peaceful sight of Prague. 

The beautiful Charles Bridge before it get crowded

Charles Bridge Tower is not so frequented by tourists as there is no elevator, and it doesn’t look that you can go up from outside. Hence, you can quite easily miss the entrance. But it’s a stunning view up there that you would not want to miss.

The View from Charles Bridge Tower

Location 5: Strahov Monastery & Petrin Park/hill view

Strahov Monastery, which was founded in 1140 and has been called the world’s most beautiful library. Although there is an entrance fee of 120 CZK to get inside the monastery library, it is possible to enter the monastery grounds for free.

Strahov Library that is surely a great place for IG photos!

The view of the city from the Petrin Hill is absolutely stunning as well which many iconic buildings can be captured such as the Prague Castle and St. Nicholas Church at Mala Strana.

Strahov Monastery has a wonderful view of St Vitus Church and the City

Location 6: St. Vitus Cathedral (3rd Castle courtyard)

Of course, how can you miss out on taking a shot in front of one of the most beautiful Cathedrals in Prague? Just make sure to be there early to avoid the crowd!

St Vitus Cathedral

Location 7: Wallenstein garden

Wallenstein garden is an undomestic garden despite the enclosed area and there is a white peacock there, if you are lucky, you might be able to take a photo with it when it opens its feathers. It is open from April to October.

The Wallenstein Garden with the amazing greenery
A white peacock that lives within the garden

Location 8: Old Town Square (Early morning)

Wake up early and avoid the crowd. You will be able to get really nice photos of the touristic areas at Old Town Square along with the Astronomical Clock as a bonus! 

The clear Old Town Square early in the morning
The Amazing photos with the Astronomical Clock!

Location 9: Shooters island 

Shooter’s Island is actually one of the small islands in Prague city even though it is located in central Europe. It is in between the two banks that are linked by Legions’ Bridge hence you can actually get down to the island while walking through the bridge and take great photos on the island itself or the surroundings.

Shooters Island which offers you many greenery for your IG feed!

Location 10: Vyšehrad fortress

It is a historic fort located quite a distance away from the city center. From Vysehrad, you will be able to get wonderful city panoramas and views of the river. It is ideal for escaping from the noisy downtown and enjoy non-touristy views together with locals.

Vysehrad Castle which you must take at the front!

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