The Importance Of Hiring A Professional Wedding Photographer

Great photography is more than just possessing a fancy camera. A wedding photographer may have spent pretty much a thousand hours in training just to become a photographer and probably another thousand taking wedding photos. They understand how to take the shots predictably every single time. They understand how to compose the shot nicely and then have it done with skill and precision.

It is by no means the camera that performs this – it is the photographer. As they shoot in manual – these wedding photographers tell the camera what it ought to be doing as opposed to allowing the camera’s sensors to make the decisions for them. Thus, if you desire that lovely photograph of you and your new spouse gorgeously backlit by a beautiful red sunset – you could only get such a shot with a professional since the camera just isn’t able to correctly read that light.

Wedding photographers are well aware of how the big day flows. It is the experience of being present to work at 100s of different weddings that permits them to know exactly where to look and when. They are aware of the time during the wedding when they are able to sneak a shot of the bride’s father looking at his daughter with a tear in his eye.

Wedding photographers know to expect that particular moment following the vicar asking for objections and are aware that the church is going to break into nervous laughter and the bride is going to pull a priceless face. These are the kind of stuff you could only get with experience.

They are cognizant of how to work in tricky lighting. These pros aren’t flapped by bright sunlight or cave dark ceremony rooms. They could walk into any room and know in no time where the best spot is to stand and where the best light is going to be every time without fail.

I am experienced in dealing with the raw emotions of a wedding day. I know how to get mum to stop repeating the time every 10 minutes whilst the bride breaks out into a cold sweat because she might be 3 minutes late for the wedding. I know how to deal with the usher who had a few too many before the ceremony even started.

I can get a big group of people rounded up for photos – cheerfully, cooperatively and without yelling. I know how to advise you on lacing that dress that looked so easy to lace in the shop but now looks like a 50000 piece jigsaw puzzle. I know how to get you calmed down when the flowers show up and they are the wrong colour. This takes years of experience and finding out what to say (and what not to say!) during a day when everyone’s emotions are sky high.

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