FAQ About Gown Changing Fee

FAQ About Gown Changing Fee

Is Gown Changing Fee a common practice in the bridal industry?

Yes, Gown Changing Fee is a common practice in the bridal industry similar to many rental industry which they named it as administration charges or other terms.


The Rational Behind the Charges

There are many reasons on why a charges is incurred when there are a change in decision from customer for their chosen gown. Do let us share with you on the reasons why.


Reasons 1:

Bridal is in fact a wedding gown rental business which each unit of product is calculated by the time slot of the gown that it can be rent out.

So for each unit of time that is blocked off, there will be potential loss of income if the same unit of gown is wanted by another customer as the same gown cannot be rented to 2 person at the same time period.



Couple A had block off Gown Diana for their wedding on 31 Dec 2016 and Couple B came in subsequently wanting to rent Gown Diana for their wedding on 31 Dec 2016 too.

The Bridal will have to reject Couple B in the business as Gown Diana is blocked off for Couple A at that period of time already.

This result in potential loss of income for the bridal once each unit of product is blocked off.


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Reasons 2:

Blocking off of Gown booking will only be done after a confirmation from couple on their decisions after the gown fitting sessions. This will be done after couple is satisfied with the selections and will want to block off the gown for their wedding to prevent other couple with the similar date to select it.

So if there are any changes after the commitment is made, there are potential loss of income from Bridal as other couple with similar date are no longer able to select it.

Besides that point, by the changing of decision, the flow process of servicing will have to be halt at that process and retrace back to the gown selection phase again.


Tips 1:

If you are not satisfied with the gown selections during your appointment. Rearrange another appointment for the gown selection again. Most Bridal (Especially Dream Wedding Boutique) will welcome you to come again to do the fitting and assist you in finding your Dream Wedding Gown.


Tips 2:

Bridal will not be able to reserve any gown for you specifically without any confirmation thus you will have understand that the gown you have tried on during previous appointment might no longer be available during your next gown selection session. So do block off your favourite gown for your wedding day to avoid disappointment.


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Reasons 3:

Cost is incurred for each appointment made to the business. This will in fact be the most realistic reality of business. All company will love to assist their couples in fulfilling all their needs and wants, however cost is incurred through time. (Staff wages, electricity, rental, goods & services and etc)

Thus when there are constant changes in business (changing of mind in customer decisions after confirmation), there will be no way this work force can create more value to both the customer and the organization. (Always going back to step 1 after moving a few step forward)

Therefore, the Gown Changing Fee is charged to help offset some additional operations cost that incurred from the changes initiated by the customer.


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What is the normal charges like for Gown Changing Fee?

The gown changing fee varies for different bridal and it will be around $300 to $800. Dream Wedding charges $300Nett for each change of gowns after confirmation.


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Last Tips For Gown Selections Process

Get a good entourage which want the best for you to go to the bridal with you!

We had observed that some entourage of the couple simply gave comment based on what they like instead of consideration to the bride style and preference thus resulting in the bride selecting some gown which they may regret after many days of pondering.

If you cannot think of someone whom know you better than you do, recommend you to go with just your hubby for your gown selections. He will surely be the one that know you best.


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