Event Gown Rental

Event Gown Rental

Dream Wedding hear your needs! We understand that you may have a lot of events to attend in your lifetime!

Ranging from the company Dinner & Dance (D & D), awards night, formal black tie event, Istana visit to formal dinner event.

You are expected to be well dress with a sense of elegance and sophistication!

Furthermore, how can you be expected to buy a gown always and wear it only once! Especially with the use of social media for posting of photos and all, you cannot afford to be seen in wearing the same event gown for all your events.

However, the real pain is buying the gowns and wearing it 1 time before being hanged in your closet. Just look deep into your closet for your prom night dress and you will understand what we meant .

Why must you dress well for an event?

An evening gown for your event have to be classy and also to show your elegance for your spouse, professionalism & appropriateness for your profession and your organizations while it must also show your feminine side of you! If its not pretty, you better not attend the event!

How you dress for an event will be a straight extension of you towards, your host, your guest and yourself. So its really important to dress appropriately for your event for you not only to be undress but also to be portraying the right impression for whom you are representing.

Currently Facebook have a function that will be reminding you on your past years photos, you can have the opportunity to leave a everlasting memory for a long time to come when you are dress beautifully and pretty for the event.

P.s. You must in the first place also post photos too! Please tag us too!!!

How can Dream Wedding assist you in your Event Gown Rental?

Dream Wedding have all along been helping ladies in styling brides for their biggest day! So we are extending our services to be sharing our expertise in styling each lady in achieving the right style, feel and appropriateness towards your event.

No matter if it is Dinner & Dance, attendance for a wedding dinner, receiving an award during award night or even prom night too! We are here to provide a wholesome experience for your event!

Special Discount for a limited time!

Each Gown Rental will be at just $150 Nett (U.P. $300)
Inclusive of Laundry and alterations (if required)

Purchase wth Purchase (Sign Up together with Gown Rental)
Event Make Up at just $180 Nett (U.P. $300)

Special Special Combo Package of 10 Gown Rental at just the price of 8 Gowns. Furthermore you can share with your friends or reserve for further use too!

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