Do you know why wedding couple love our Taiwan Pre Wedding Photoshoot Packages?

Do you know why wedding couple love our Taiwan Pre Wedding Photoshoot Packages?

Dream Wedding is Singapore Top Bridal to be providing the best value to couple Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Taiwan!

Photography packages are from $3600 Nett & All Photos will be Return too. Dream Wedding had been the leader in Taiwan Photoshoot for the past 5 years. (See The Quality of our RAW Photos Here)

Why are Dream Wedding Different from Other?

With a team in Taiwan that consist of Professional Wedding Photographer, Wedding Make Up Artist & Wedding Assistant. Couple will have more benefits with our packages.

Benefit 1: Flexibility in their photoshoot schedule as our team are based in Taipei so most of the time, our team can take case from around the world even for the very last min type. (As long as the team are still available with no other case)

Benefit 2: Couple will save a lot of money (Around $2000) from the team Airfare and Accommodations cost if they are flying a team from Singapore to Taiwan. This will means that the couple can use this money for their shopping Spree!!!

Benefit 3: Our Team of Photographers are based in Taiwan and they will be the best person to be sharing with couple on the secret photoshoot locations based on their preferences. These knowledge are what a local team will know compared to others.

Dream Wedding Photoshoot Packages are Cost Saving!

Taiwan has all along been an amazing place to visit for holiday with an abundance of beautiful scenery and great food!

Dream Wedding was a pioneer in promoting Taiwan Photoshoot for the past 6 years. So we understand the potential frustrations and needs for a wedding couples. Ranging from wasting of time overseas in selections of gowns & photos to hidden cost from this & that.

Not to worry, we had it covered for you!

Cost Saving Benefit 1: ALL PHOTOS RETURNED! Save $5000 compared to other Bridal Packages.

C.S Lewis once said, “Don't let your happiness depends on something you may lose”, which is why Dream Wedding offers all photos returned to help your best memories live forever. You will easily save $5000 when compared to other bridal of single photo selling.

Cost Saving Benefit 2: MUA FOLLOW THROUGHOUT INCLUDED! Save $200 compared to other Taiwan Bridal Packages.

Make Up Artist Following you throughout the photoshoot period will usually require additional top up. For this, we had it covered for you:) Make-up & Hairdo will  be done up in your hotel before setting off together to a fun filled photoshoot day!

Cost Saving Benefit 3: PRODUCTION DELIVERY INCLUDED! Save $200 compared to other Taiwan Bridal Packages.

Collections of photoshoot items will be done in our Singapore Bridal. You will not have to worry about the DHL cost at all!

Cost Saving Benefit 4: NO HIDDEN COST! Save $1000 compared to other Bridal Packages.

There will not be any gown top-ups as you are able to select all range gowns. On top of that, Ampoules, Fake Lashes & Accessories are all included in your package! You can easily save $1000 compared to other Bridal Packages.

Cost Saving Benefit 4: AIRFARE & ACCOMMODATIONS FEE ARE NOT REQUIRED! Save $2000 compared to other Bridal Packages.

Dream Wedding has a team of professional Photographers & Make-up Artists in Taipei so you will not have to worry about this additional cost of Airfare & Accommodations! Save $2000 compared to other Bridal Packages.

Dream Wedding Photoshoot Packages are Time Saving & Convenient!

Our Wedding Stylist & Wedding Planner had always believe in saving time for our couple! We understand the pain of spending long hours of research and also multiple dedicated time off to revisit the Bridal.

We cut down on all the unnecessary time using technology and also improved our services processes for you.

Time Saving Benefit 1: Couple will only have to visit us 3-4 time in total. 1st time, to choose their gown, 2nd time to final fitting and collections for the photoshoot (we will help to pack it for them), 3rd time will be to return the gown after the photoshoot.

The rest of the time, we will correspond with the couple on their photo selections (send all to them), editing process and also album layout issues. Finally, when its ready, you can collect it in our Bridal (1 Time of Visit only). On the other side, imagine the number of days that you have to take off to visit the other bridal for the photo selections, editing process, album layout and collections. (Average of 4 – 6 times on the editing process only)

Time Saving Benefit 2: In Taiwan, our Photographer, Make Up Artist & Team will come over to your hotel to service you! You do not need to leave your hotel room for the make up:) We come over to you and you can be at your comfort zone for a slightly longer period of time rather then searching high & low for the Taiwan Bridal Shop.

Time Saving Benefit 3: In our Pre Wedding Photoshoot packages, you will only need to spend 1 day of your trip for the photoshoot and the rest of the time, its yours to spend it on eating, shopping or sightseeing!  (A Facebook Group We Created to Sharing Good Food, Great Scenery & Best Bargain to Taiwan)

If you really want to have a wonderful experience for a lifetime to Taiwan Pre Wedding. You may want to consider coming to the best as said by our past couple!

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