Acronyms or short term used in wedding forum are quite daunting for new user to forum

1 Min for you to know Wedding Acronyms or short term used in wedding forum.

We hope this video will expedite your learning curve and surfing experience in the forum.

Do comment to let us know how we can better help you with your Dream Wedding with more terms and also on all your Wedding Needs. These will be the Acronyms or short term used in wedding forum.

What is these wedding terms / Acronyms? 
HTB / H2B – Husband to be 
BTB / B2B – Brides to be 
SO — Significant Other
AD – Actual Day
PG – Photographer 
VG – Videographer

MUA – Make Up Artist 
JP – Justice of Peace
ROM — Registry of Marriage
MIL – Mother In Law
FIL — Father In Law
SIL — Sister In Law
BIL — Brother in Law
MOH — Maid Of Honor
BM — Bridesmaid
GM — Groomsmen
MTM — Made to measure (used to describe gown)
WP — Wedding Planner
HB — Hand Bouquet
DW — Dream Wedding
BS — Bridal Shop
GDL — Guo Da Li (过大礼)

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