6 Min Wedding Planning Tips ~ Hidden Cost of a Bridal Package In Singapore

6 Min Wedding Planning Tips ~ Hidden Cost of a Bridal Package In Singapore



In our years of servicing couples wedding planning process, we noticed that couple are usually unaware of the various cost that they may need to pay for their pre wedding photoshoot or Actual Day (AD) Wedding.

Alot of time, couple misunderstand that and they have to pay more money for it. These are usually the hidden cost that they will talk about in their bridal packages which it was not clearly stated in the invoices.

Infact, this is usually not true.

You will usually pay more due to the misunderstanding of the packages informations and did not ask the simple yet important questions such as whether the Gown Laundry is include within the package?

Wedding require alot of meticulous planning and for couple whom are doing it once in a lifetime, you may risk paying more for services when you did not read the fine print.

Hope that the video will be able to share the details with you and inturn, you can save more money too!

Just in case, if you have any questions, you can send us your questions too!

For more questions to your wedding planning guide, see more of the Wedding Planning Guide Book Aka FAQ for any new Bride

With love,
Ivy Chin
Chief Wedding Planner


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