10 Tips to Get Better Sleep when you travel!

10 Tips to Get Better Sleep when you travel!

Do you often find yourself trying very hard to fall asleep in a foreign country? Especially for your Overseas Pre Wedding Photoshoot trip such as Europe, Bali or Taiwan?

The feeling of lying awake in bed despite being physically exhausted, you should know how frustrating insomnia is.

This feeling becomes worse when you are supposed to be travelling and having fun yet with the sleepless night, it takes the fun out of the holiday! Imagine going around Paris in zombie state. I believe the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame Cathedral will never look as impressive as it should be.

Let us share with you some tips for better sleeping during travelling!

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10. Find Something to Do!

If you have been turning and tossing around for a few hours, get up and do something that makes you feel sleepy. A lot of people find reading the best way to get you into a sleepy mode while there are others who find mediating, praying or listening to relaxing music good too!


9. Choose your Hotel room Carefully

Ask for a Hotel room that is located midway of the hallway as it is usually quieter. Avoid rooms that face the pools, near to elevator, exits, vending machine or in the worse case scenario next to lounges. These rooms are generally very noisy.


8. Say No to Stimulants

This is applicable when you are on the plane or in your hotel room. Some people feel drowsy when they have a small glass of wine or a can of beer for others.

However, do you know that too much alcohol can inhibit sleep!

Avoid having coffee and tea after 2pm as the caffeine can keep you up too with its stimulant effect.


7. Stop Smoking after 3pm (Applicable for smokers only)

Smokers usually feel more energetic after a smoke and it is true! Cigarettes containing nicotine which will act as a stimulant to your body. Thus for smokers to sleep better, simply stop smoking after 3pm and you shall see them sleeping earlier at night.


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6. Bring along a Travel Pillow

Prepare a travel pillow (inflatable with comfy cover works fine too) and have a much better and comfortable rest during your plane ride, long bus ride or overnight Europe Train Journey. The most important thing is to prevent neck aches and provide a constant sleeping pattern for your traveling period. (Condition yourself that when you start wearing it, it is time to sleep on transportion)


5. Stay hydrated all day long

Poor sleep can be caused by dehydration. So drink plenty of water throughout the day. You can always consider to drink sports drink like H-Two-O or 100 Plus during your trip too as it will help to replenish the electrolyte that are lost even with a lower intake.


4. Limit your water intake in the evening

As important as drinking sufficient water throughout the day is, drink lesser water after 8pm in the evening. So that you will not have to make bathroom trips in the night time.


3. Adjust the elements in your environment.

You will fall asleep in an environment when it is cool, dark and quiet. So if the condition is bright, wear a pair of eye shades, draw the curtains or shut your hotel room window. If it is noisy, wear an ear plug or noise cancelling earphone.


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2. Go Easy on Electronic Devices

Yes, it means your iPad, iPhone, smart phone, laptop and any other electronic devices. Getting hooked up all day to light emitting devices can increase your chances of having insomnia. This is especially so if you log in just before your bedtime. Give yourself 2 hours of downtime from all of these devices before you go to sleep.


1. Establish a Sleeping Pattern

Go to bed at around the same time every night even if you are overseas so your body will know that it is time to sleep.


Bonus – Eat in moderation

Eating a very heavy dinner might cause your stomach to churn away in the night. But a hunger pang can also keep you awake! So if you are hungry at night, do have some light snacks.


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