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Shee How & Trina (Taiwan Pre Wedding Photography)

Shee How Trina (Taiwan Pre Wedding Photography)

I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.

“Shee How & Trina came to our bridal in search for a no hidden cost and professional wedding photography in Taiwan. They love the beautiful scenery of Taiwan during their last visit to Taipei! After seeing the package details and all the real past couple photos, they are convinced that we are the right bridal for them. Next, with the wide range of scenery that Taiwan Pre Wedding Photoshoot has to offer and the huge range of collections of gowns, they faced many difficulty in choosing their most favourite gown and locations to have the shoot! As professional photographer, we advice them on the suitable gowns and the venue which will be suitable as photography is a magical process that require the various element to be right for the picture perfect. Shee How & Trina wanted a Romantic Pre Wedding Photoshoot that have a touch of Korean Style and other variety of style too. Horse is a requirement for their photoshoot too! Our team went on for the various arrangement and assisted them in securing the various attractions and horse for their photoshoot. Upon completing of the photoshoot, they are really satisfied with the result! We also love it! We hope you will enjoy their lovely photos here! This is one album that we really love their wedding photoshoot album as it really capture their love via the lens of the camera. Thank you for having us to be a part of your Destination Pre Wedding Photoshoot! Cheers! ”