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Joel & Rin (Taiwan Pre Wedding Photography)

Joel Rin (Taiwan Pre Wedding Photography)

Love Always Win

“Joel & Rin are a really lovely couple whom came to our bridal without a plan for their wedding but they are sure to have an overseas pre wedding photoshoot experience. However, they are also afraid of  hidden cost and non-professional bridal that are only interested in earning money from them.
After visiting many bridal and seeing the package details & services of our team, they are convinced that we are the right bridal for them.
From here, as they have a confirmed destination for their Taiwan Pre Wedding Photoshoot, we were able to assist them on the gown selections and arranging for all the necessary arrangement too.
Beyond that, their wedding is really quick (slightly over a month from their pre wedding photoshoot although they booked early for the photoshoot) and through our fastest bridal services, we proceed to assist them in the various wedding planning process too.
As professional wedding planner, we are aware that the timeline is really short and thus we went on to advice them on the various steps to take and the planning from the moment they met us till their wedding:)
Beyond that, like any couple, Joel & Rin wanted a Romantic Pre Wedding Photoshoot that can capture them in a different view of their daily life.
Upon completing of the photoshoot, they are really satisfied with the result! We also love it!
We hope you will enjoy their All Raw Photos Here! This is one album that we really love their wedding photoshoot album as it really capture their love via the lens of the camera.
Thank you for having us to be a part of your Destination Pre Wedding Photoshoot! Cheers! ”