LGBT Wedding Services

LGBT Wedding Services

Dream Wedding always believes that “Love is Love! It does not matter who you love and who you are”. You and your partner have fallen in love and now you are able to commit to one another a lifetime of love and happiness in Dream Wedding.

Dream Wedding’s started with a simple reason that aimed to simplify your wedding hasstle and to provide you and your partner the best memorable experience that you both deserve on your special day. We are committed to make your wedding a fabulous and memorable for you and your partner.


“You may be my one thousandth customer, but I will always treat you like my first”

Ivy Chin, Founder & Chief Wedding Planner


Dream Wedding offers wedding services ranging from Pre Wedding Photography to Make Up and Gown Services. As a 1 stop bridal, we will be perfect for you and your partner to visit and have all the arrangement done for your special day!

In Dream Wedding, your fashion for passion can run wild! Two tuxes or Two dresses ? No worries! –simply because there are “no rules” as such. And look how exciting is that? The sky is the limit, be it glam, stylish or something that it entirely different, unique.


At the end of the day, putting these differences asides, all Heterosexual and LGBT weddings share the most important thing of all- which is the two people coming together as one and commit themselves to each other by pledging the undying love.

To us, it is such a meaningful act as it is a commitment that “you and your partner will have each other’s backs for the rest of your life”. Isn’t this the most beautiful thing in the world? “Love is Love, without any exceptions and there is no limit or boundaries”


Dream Wedding & the team believe strongly in Love that we will only serve 1 partner that the couple came to sign together! Thus we have 2 criteria and the main one will be

1) Each Partner is only allowed to sign package with 1 Person to our boutique in his lifetime



“Till death do us part”- this is the commitment that Dream Wedding wishes to reaffirm in serving only the partner that you signed up with in this lifetime.

Not to worry, your marriage history is irrelevant as our only criteria is that each partner have not registered with another partner’s name when signing with our boutique.



2) Couples will only be served if they come in as a pair for their first appointment.


We know, it can be difficult to find a common time to drop by; but just as marriage is a union between two people, Dream Wedding believes that wedding preparation should also be a task for two. Come down together for a consultation and we will be better positioned to discuss both your needs!

While the layman may find our rules to be at best odd and at worst archaic, we do have our own reasons for insisting on these rules. At the top of our list is our own observations of couples in our boutique where we found that 1 partner tend to disengage more frequently than the others. Totally understandable, since gown selection is akin to shopping, which has always been a tedious process. However, we also noticed that engaged partners are crucial in amplifying enjoyment during this sometimes tedious process.

Hence, we hope to encourage our couple to take on the mantle and be more proactive so that we can all have a smooth sailing and joyful wedding preparation experience!

The main ideal behind all this is to let each partner focus more on each other in this once in a lifetime event.








Upon Confirmation of our Wedding Services


  • The couple will be asked to sign the commitment form as a declaration of their undying love to each other.