Dream Wedding Budget FAQ

Dream Wedding Budget FAQ

Dream Wedding Budget welcomes savvy wedding planners and couples looking for affordable gowns without compromising on quality. As with many other couples, we are sure that you have questions about our package details and prices; hence, this section is specially written for you! Do take a look at this short frequently asked questions (FAQ) section and feel free to drop us an email or message if you have any more burning questions waiting to be answered!

Are the prices fixed?

Yes! Each gown is selling at $150 nett 🙂

How long can I rent the gown for?

Each gown has a rental period of 4 Days 3 Nights.

What is inclusive in the Gown Rental?

As the Budget Boutique boasts straightforward, no frills packages, the stated rates are for gown rental ONLY.

Can I try on the gown?

Absolutely! However, as our Bridal Stylist will be assisting with the selection process, there will be a $20 service fee for every 5 gowns that you try. Of course, the fee will be waived if you rent any gowns or sign any packages with us during the appointment. 🙂

Can I rent the gown for my D&D or other events such as beauty pageant or award night?

We definitely welcome you to drop by and rent any of the gowns for your special event!

What else do I need to know before buying the gown?

Alterations to all gowns are not included in the purchase of these preloved gown.

Do I have to make an appointment before coming over?

Yes, you do have to make an appointment as we wish to give all our couples our fullest attention. Hence, we may have to turn you away if you visit us on a busy day. As always, do take a look at our House Rules before making an appointment with us!

Must I have a wedding date before I visit Dream Wedding?

  • No, you do not need to have a wedding date before you visit us for your booking of wedding gown as you will purchase the gown off straight.

Can I buy the preloved wedding gowns for Pre Wedding Photoshoots?

Of course you can!

What are the other services available in Dream Wedding Budget?